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The Colour Of Light - Springtime Yellow

As I stand and look out of my window I can see groups of daffodils, in all their spring time glory, at this time of year they are a visual reminder of the coming Spring Equinox! They burst through the greyness of winter, with a bright and sunny promise of warmth and colour.  When giving a reading, if I see daffodils I take it as a symbolic reference to the month of March, hence my reason for choosing yellow.

Archangel JophielFor many of us as the spring sunlight streams in through our windows and the evenings grow longer, we begin to dispense with the soft pretty lighting that hid so many sins through the long dark winter months.  We are suddenly faced with the harsh reality of faded wallpaper and chipped paintwork.  I always feel that this must be an exceptionally busy time for Archangel Jophiel aka as the Spiritual Interior decorator, as she is called upon for inspiration, as on mass we spring clean our homes.

However, if you are decorating remember that the colours you choose should be harmonious to both your colour vibrations and those living with you. Take some time to think about the personalities, ages, and preferences, this will help to create the perfect environment for everyone.  If you find this difficult, don’t worry, use neutral colours and use accessories such as lamps, curtains, cushions and rugs to introduce identity colours into the rooms associated with certain individuals.

Here is a rough guide to help you with your choices, but remember colour is about individual choice, look back over previous blogs for more in-depth colour meanings.

•         If you live with a gentle quiet soul, then using bright, bold or dark colours will overwhelm them and could cause them to withdraw further within themselves.
•         High activity rooms function better with warm colours, whilst for restful areas try to use pastels and cool colours.
•         Sooth uncomfortably warm rooms with cool colours, the reverse for cool rooms.
•         Living rooms- for a warm and cosy atmosphere choose warm colours, for a more peaceful, relaxed feel choose pastel shades.
•         Kitchen and dining rooms - light yellows and peaches will stimulate appetite. Green, will bring harmony, stimulate conversation and make for a relaxed atmosphere. White, a professional choice, encourages people to be efficient, and to eat quickly and speak less.  Functional, but lacking warmth.
•         Bedrooms – Adults, pinks apricots, peaches and cream all possess muscle relaxing energies and encourage a loving, supportive atmosphere.

Strong warm colours are stimulants, not a wise choice for insomniacs.   Green will bring balance; whist blue will bring tranquillity and calmness.  Babies are vulnerable to strong colour so keep it gentle, light and pastel. Warmer shades, such as soft apricots will help those with colic or asthma, whilst cool colours will calm a hyper-active child.  Older out-going children love bright bold primary colours, for the more gentle older child, use soft light colours to help them shine.

Teenagers are often attracted to red, this is in fact the most common astral colour displayed in individuals going through puberty. It signifies action, raw sexual energy and assertion.  Teenagers often ask for black, this can signify the identity crisis we each pass through until we finally find our true selves.  Try using brighter shades with black, to lessen the negativity and the tendency towards feelings of depression, whilst still allowing your young one to express themselves at this moment in their confusing journey through puberty.

Plants can be used to bring green energy into any room.  Especially where televisions are situated, as these create positive ions that can lead to irritability, stress and nervous tension.  Plants naturally convert positive ions into negative ions, as well as bringing harmony through their green colour energy.

The key to choosing the right colours for your home is to stop and listen to your intuition, don’t be tempted to try passing fads, go for the colours that feel right to you.  Try out some test pots and wall paper samples, see how they make you feel, as the light changes throughout the day, be true to yourself.

Yellow individuals

Yellow individuals are lovely bright souls, with a keen interest in their surroundings, and communicating these observations to others. They are excellent communicators, with outstanding brains, capable of logical thinking and getting the concept across to others, making them the perfect teachers.  Yellow is often the colour most seen in teachers’ auras.

Yellow is the colour associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, this chakra regulates the sense of self, ego, and self-will.  It is also worth noting that pale yellow is the colour associated with Archangel Uriel, the angel of wisdom.  Yellow truly is the colour of intellect!

A blockage of yellow energy can result in the individual experiencing feelings of envy, fear, negative re-occurring thought patterns, lack of power, obsessive behaviour and jealousy.  If you are experiencing any of these or as a non-yellow individual wish to tap into this energy then read on…

Essential Oils
Lemongrass Lemon Balm Lemon Oil
Lemongrass as a stimulant
Lemon balm and grapefruit oils make good nerve tonics
Lemon oil increases mental and memory function.
If meditating try using the musical note E as this is the note associated with yellow.
Try holding a yellow crystal over your Solar Plexus Chakra to amplify the yellow energy light waves.
Citrine Calcite Golden Topaz
Citrine – its warmth melts away pain and tension whilst bringing about a sense of balance and wellbeing.
Calcite – a detoxification crystal that eases away anxiety, soothes insomnia and calms hyper-activity.
Golden Topaz – alleviates work place anxieties also aids in defusing negative emotions.

Colour visualisation
As with all colours, you can visualise yellow energy, as explained in previous blogs. As a magnetic colour its energy should be drawn upwards from the Earth. Try to focus on your solar plexus as you draw up this energy.  Breathe out this colour energy into your space, and repeat the whole process three times. Remember to thank the Universe for sharing this insightful energy.

Yellow food
Eating yellow foods will also help you to keep a cheerful disposition, and enhance brain power. There is an amazing amount of choice to choose from, the following are just a few; try adding yams, yellow peppers, pineapples and parsnips to your menus.

I often recommend clients who need to be taken seriously to wear yellow.  Especially in situations where you need to communicate clearly and concisely, such as business meetings, presentations and interviews. Remember a colour does not need to be on display to work effectively, an out of sight undergarment, or gem stone would work just as well. The energy it sends out to those around you will demand that they pay attention to what you are saying, by highlighting that you are an interesting individual, bursting with brilliant ideas and the communication skills to make these ideas a reality!

With spring in the air, it’s time to look at attraction.  As great communicators yellows on the whole get on with most colours.  A fiery red might become a little too hot to handle, whilst a quiet blue may present too much of a communication challenge. But it’s worth remembering that sunny yellows enjoy a challenge, they are often brought into people’s lives to promote communication skills.

Violet individuals would make the perfect soul-mates, bringing together mind and spirit in a balanced match. Green individuals share some of yellows intellectual characteristics and will help to keep them balanced. They will also discourage the taking on of too many projects.  Orange individuals, whilst sharing some the intellectual characteristics will also add spice and heat to the relationship.
At this point I must once again remind you, that the Universe sends out what it feels is needed at any given time.  An imbalance in our colour energies will result in different corrective energies being sent to restore balance.  By maintaining a healthy colour balance you are more likely to attract colour energy in harmony with your own colour vibrations, a long lasting relationship!
Once again, I thank you for taking this colourful journey with me. I wish you all joy and love on this Spring Equinox. Until next month, love and light.

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