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Meet March's Spirit Helpers

The warmer weather is starting to tease us and hint that it might be on its way. With the lengthening days and the changing of the seasons, the Spirit guardians and other helpers who are walking with us at the moment are also changing, too.

BuffaloWe are still walking with the energies of the Buffalo. At this time of year it is easy to feel jaded about the cold, and anxious for the spring to arrive. Buffalo reminds us that even though we may be feeling anxious our prayers are still being heard. He reminds us not to be too keen to move forward towards the Spring Equinox, but to take the time to count the little blessings that we are still being given in every moment of every day.

As the energies of the buffalo prepare to leave us until next winter, it is important that we remember the gifts that it brings. Some people find that focusing on a picture of a buffalo, wearing a piece of jewellery that represents the animal, or having a small statue in their house helps. We must always remember that the key to an empowered life is in counting the blessings of today.

CougarThe cougar, sometimes called the mountain lion, is the animal that keeps us company from now until the equinox. It is from the cougar that we learn how to use, rather than abuse, our willpower. This is doubly strong at the moment, when Mercury, Mars, and Saturn are all in retrograde motion through the heavens.

Cougar reminds is that the first responsibility of leadership is truth. Cougar demands that we all walk our talk, and sow the seeds we want to reap. We cannot behave in an irresponsible manner and expect everything to be okay. We have to walk with integrity, taking responsibility for our actions, and create the life in which we want to live. Again, with the retrograde planets, this is an ideal time for turning inward, and examining where we need to do some inner work on our own foundations.

PlantainA little weed called plantain is the plant helper for this time of year. Not to be confused with the edible plantain that looks like bananas, this is a garden weed. It is said to have originated in Europe, and come to the Americas with the settlers. Plantain is a good ally to have for it is considered one of the master healers. A great cleanser, working with the energies of plantain will help to clear away the old energies from winter, and prepare us for the new energies of the spring.

TurquioseFinally it is turquoise which is the stone that walks with us from now until the equinox. Turquoise is found throughout the world, usually where there is a combination of copper and seismic activity.

To the Native Americans, it was considered a very sacred and lucky stone, and was often worn in many decorative ways. It is thought that turquoise brings protection, particularly when travelling, and some believe it can turn away the 'evil eye.' Given as a gift, turquoise is supposed to help bring abundance to the recipient. It is used to help promote harmony in a marriage, too, and it is believed that to keep the colours of the turquoise strong, the marriage has to stay strong. When worn, turquoise is said to help the wearer find answers to questions.

In summary, there are some very strong and powerful allies working with all of us as we prepare for the season's change. When we tap into these energies, we can use them to set ourselves up for the kind of month we want to experience. It is in clearing away old and outgrown energies that we open our lives for the blessings that Spirit wants to bring us.

If you would like me to tell you how these forces are likely to influence you personally, please don't hesitate to call, email, or text me for a personal reading. You're in my thoughts often and my prayers always. Be blessed!

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