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The Colour Of Light - Christmas Red

The History Of Colour Therapy
In this month’s blog I wanted to look at the history of colour therapy.  Colour therapy is not some new age fad but a tried and tested technique, documented in history as far back as the ancient Egyptians.  However, legend traces it back further to the Atlantians who are believed to have used colour to regenerate organs and prolong life itself.  There is a belief that this is the source of the Egyptians knowledge of colour healing.

The Egyptians are known to have harnessed the power of colour within their temples.  At Heliopolis they created rooms dedicated to particular colours, precise engineering enabled sunlight to be refracted into a spectrum of colours and its unique frequencies to be directed into the rooms.  Individuals needing healing would then be placed in a room with the healing properties their bodies required. A lot our like modern, colour lamp treatment.

Dr Edwin BabbittIt is a little known fact, that Hippocrates used colour to heal, he recognised its effect upon body, mind and spirit. Unfortunately, this knowledge was over looked by those who followed. Yet another example of how western healing was plunged into darkness.  At this point, I feel we need to shine some light, and so I jump to 1878 when Dr Edwin Babbit published “The principles of light and colour” and went on to produce a modern colour lamp.  I feel the last words in this history lesson belong to Dr D.P. Ghandiali (1933) who was a pioneer in colour therapy; lighting the path for those who would follow, he claimed that by restoring the normal balance of colour energy to the human body we can combat disease. As they say, the rest is history; the future is looking bright for colour and its potential to heal.

Merry Christmas Red
It wouldn’t be a December blog without red.  Think of red and you think of passion, heat and emotion and so with this in mind it is interesting to consider that red actually has the slowest vibration. It is however, a magnetic colour and has warming properties making it ideal as we head towards the darkest day of the year (Winter Solstice)

I love red individuals as they tend to be a lovely mix of passionate extremes, nothing dull about reds.  Full of energy and vitality, they are physically and emotionally strong, active with fast metabolisms. Muscular with tendency towards thinness, it’s all the energy they use! The red person in your life is outgoing and gregarious, a true lover of life, grasping it in both hands.  However, be warned there is a flip side, they can be bullish, headstrong, impatient, and bad tempered, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of a red individual!

All this heated energy can lead to high blood pressure and conditions linked to it.  Reds are also prone to skin conditions ranging from rashes to boils. Remember, we are drawn to the colour of our personality, so if red is your favourite colour you are likely to be a red individual. If all this magnetic heat is becoming too much try to bring some cooling blue energy into your life.  Try using a blue essential oil, such as camomile which is but sedative and cooling.

As a red you are a born leader, with an iron will focused on success, your goal, to be the best in your chosen field. You are brimming with ideas, and a wit sharp enough to cut through steel, but you are also a maverick, with a deep rooted hatred of routine and the mundane.

Career wise, reds should opt for a profession that encourages strong leadership and allows them to think outside the box. And just to show that even reds need a little R&R time, try meditating to the musical note, middle C and be amazed at how energised you will feel!

If you are a non-red, and lacking in this vital energy, you will soon find yourself feeling frustrated, lethargic, deflated and defeated, this can sometimes lead to a cold bitter anger. You may even lose the ability to take pleasure in life; these can all be symptoms of a blocked base chakra.

To resolve this bring red energy into your life.  Try colour visualisation, remember that red is a magnetic colour, and so you must visualise it travelling up your body from the ground through your feet. Feel it energising your body and pay particular attention to your base (root) chakra. Then breathe out this red energy into your space, repeat this three times. Upon completion, thank the universe for sending you this energising ray.

Red crystals and gemstones are ideal to use whilst meditating, or simply carrying on your person, try;

Red JasperGarnetRuby

Red Jasper to control emotions and sooth frustration, garnet which is a therapeutic stone or ruby to connect with your inner fire.  Try placing near your base chakra to amplify the light waves.

Red is a lovely colour to wear at this time of year, it shouts out warmth and confidence.  However if it is too warm for your skin tone, wear it hidden as under garments, or accessorise with it. You will still get the benefit of its waves being absorbed into your skin. If time is short, then try eating and drinking red energy, you will find a huge range of red nutrition.

And so we arrive at attraction.  Reds are best suited to other reds, together they will sizzle, their relationship will be passionate, and full of heat, the occasional explosion, but then the warmth of making up, it will be a magnetic attraction of volcanic proportions.  Orange individuals also go well with reds, there may be slightly less heat, but they will bring a practical balance to the relationship, this will make many reds feel more secure and grounded.

Full of life reds will clash with calm tranquil blues and sometimes even balanced greens.  However, you must remember that if your colour energies are unbalanced the universe will intervene, and you will find yourself drawn to the opposite energy your body requires, for example, a blue to calm you, or a green to restore balance to your life.  It’s only by keeping your colour energies balanced that you can avoid being attracted to incompatible matches!

We have come to the end of this month’s colour journey and the end of the year. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, full of love and light.  I look forward to next year’s journey with you, next month I will be looking at January blue.

Season’s greetings at this yuletide and well wishes to all you for 2012, (Orange is the colour associated with 2012) Love Maria

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