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Your Health Is Your Wealth

Your Health Is Your WaelthMy father taught me as a child “Anne-Marie; your health is your wealth”.

How true this is!  Our battle with this particular time frame that we are living in is our ability to find balance.  We are living in a magical and fantastic time where the heartbeat of technology has never been so great or so fast, everything at the click of a button, fantastic!  But our lesson I believe is to learn to find balance of both. The stress of the fast pace of life takes its toll on our mental, emotional and spiritual side. We are all challenged by time and the battle of how many hours in the day to achieve the goals we have set ourselves.  Frustration I believe is the biggest cause of our unhappiness and our self worth because we battle to achieve impossible deadlines and spread ourselves too thinly.

“There are 24 hours in a day” a millionaire told me “8 hours rest, 8 hours work and 8 hours play – that is the secret of a happy life and a successful one”

Play – when was the last time you felt you gave yourself that sense of fun and joy to be in the moment?  Where is your sense of play do you depend on others or can you find it within your self.  The secret is to be flexible with everything and happy to change and rearrange what naturally presents its self to you, to go with the moment allowing your self time to recharge, revitalise and rethink.


Think of pies - And try to achieve the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual each and every day.

P = Physical Self
I = Intellect
E = Emotions
S = Spiritual

The physical: Take a walk outside in the garden, in the street, the park or to the beach. Any where to make sure you receive the elements it frees the mind, body and the soul. The elements of fire, earth, air and water are all around. Try to be near them, they are a life force. People used to convalesce from illness by travelling to places like Switzerland to receive the pure air, sun and scenery it promoted health and vitality.

Intellect – The mind: Maybe it’s the need to learn something by hearing or seeing it; whether it is radio, television, a book or a conversation with another person or to indeed quieten the mind with rest through relaxation such as prayer or meditation.

Emotional: What made you feel good today? Maybe it was the joy of treating yourself to something nice, whether it is to see someone you enjoy the company of, or treating yourself to something good for you.  It is important to give to the self, because without you can not help anyone else. Life must be a fair exchange of balance between giving and being able to receive, and to feel all of life's emotions whether happy or sad – life is an experience and our feelings are what makes up the rich tapestry of life.

Spiritual: Nurturing yourself with a belief system that is empowering to you is the motivation to succeed. We all need boundaries and a belief in something that we feel is a path for us to follow whether this is through a cultural insight or a traditional value or indeed a religious or spiritual path.

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