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Love Magic Is Complicated!

Ice CubeLet’s play pretend. Let’s pretend you liked someone, and you want them to like you too, yet they don’t seem to even notice you. Did you ever think what might happen if you put a spell on that person to make them fall for you; what repercussions might that have? How would you feel if you ‘made’ them love you, rather than knowing they chose to love you of their own free will? Would you even be as attracted to them, knowing their free will had been compromised?

Even if you could live with the consequences of casting such a spell, you might want to think about this: if they fell for you because of a spell, could someone else cast a different spell, and turn this person’s attention away from you? Would the two of you get into a ‘battle of the spells’ in order to keep control of the object of your desires? And what if, once you had this person’s undying love, you fell out of love with them? Would you be stuck casting spells to try to get rid of them?

StatueCasting spells that control another person’s free will is not particularly good karma, but there is a very easy spell which you can do to bring love into your life that has no negative energy, no bad juju, and it will not compromise anyone’s free will. It is what I jokingly call a ‘makeover spell.’ This is a spell we cast on ourselves, working on beautifying our personality, and letting that beauty shine through our physical appearance. When we feel good we look good, and when we look good, we feel great! But if we do not love ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to love us? If we do not enjoy our own company, how can we expect anyone else to enjoy spending time with us?

This spell works with the planet Venus, for this planet rules beauty, attraction, and balance. Do this spell when the Moon is passing through the zodiac signs of Libra or Taurus, for Venus rules these signs. Do this when the Moon is growing towards fullness, so that your spell can also grow towards fullness. Do not do this spell when the planet Venus is moving retrograde; a good astrologer, or even a web search, can advise you of when this is occurring.
While you are waiting for the appropriate time, pay close attention to people – either in real life or on the television – whom you admire. Ask yourself why it is you like them, what qualities do they embody which you would like to have, how do you think you would feel if you had those qualities. You might want to study pictures of these people, and ask yourself, why do you find them beautiful?

Now take a blank white card and cover up half of the face on a photograph of someone whom you find attractive. Study their expression, can you guess what that person might be thinking or feeling? Study first one half, then cover up the other half and study it. You’ll notice that one side of their face will give a totally different impression than the other! Do this with several photographs, and you will start to realize that real beauty truly is only skin deep.

When it is time to do your spell, light a white (for purity) candle. Put a small mirror next to the candle. Take several relaxing breaths, then say the following words: “I call upon the spirit of Venus to hear my call and come to me.” Watch the candle flame, and envision the glow from the candle is the spirit of Venus, illuminating who you are. Breathe deeply, and know that every breath you take is strengthening that illumination. Every breath you take is awakening your inner beauty.

MoonWhen you feel relaxed and confident, pick up the mirror and look into it. Know that the beauty of Venus is transforming you. It is within you. It is around you. It becomes you, and you become it. Keep gazing into the mirror until you are certain that this transformation has taken place. Once there is no doubt in your mind that you are filled with the beauty of Venus, respectfully place the mirror once again next to the candle, and say, “Venus is now within me, and always will be.”  That’s it! Extinguish the candle, get yourself a nice cup of tea, and know that from this day forward you are walking in the beauty of Venus. You will soon find you have attracted to you the desire of your heart!

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