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Magical Essence of Aromatherapy

I became a qualified Aromatherapist in 2005 using certain aromatherapy oils to help relax clients and relieve stress.  Unbeknown to me, it wasn’t until I researched more with the oils that I came across a wonderful book written by Scott Cunningham ‘Magical Aromatherapy’.

Lavender being well known by most, to me it reminds me of my dear gran, it is a very strong healing oil, very versatile in many areas, and maybe our grans knew more than they were letting on!  Always keep a bottle in the kitchen cupboard for those small cooker burns, just a little drop on the inflicted area.

Patchouli was a great one in the swinging 60’s for the hippies, Most of the tie dyed materials in India was sprayed with Patchouli to ward off moths.

Did you think that Basil was just for putting into a tomato pasta sauce, No! back in the old days, prostitutes used it to attract money, and clients! So have a pot of basil in the home to attract the pennies!

Most of us at some point in our lives experience problems and need help with, money, love, health and protection. 
Here below are a few ideas for you that you may consider doing.

Aromatherapy essential oils can be used in candle magic, by anointing the coloured candle with the appropriate oil, small spell candles are the best to use, please take precautions with a lit candle.  Anointing the candle is best done to how you feel most comfortable, either one stroke bottom to top or top to bottom or even middle to top then middle to bottom.  Inscribing the candle with the intent also adds an extra whammy to it i.e.  Inscribe a Money sign on the green candle before anointing.  Once the spell has finished and the candle has burnt down I always bury the remains, if any, in my garden to give it back to mother earth.

I have also included a crystal to which you can put a drop of essential oil on the chosen crystal and carry it with you, see below, don’t forget to cleanse your crystal before applying the oil, you can do this by leaving in full moon light or leave under a running tap for a couple of minutes.

BasilGreen CandleGreen Tourmaline

MONEY: Basil, Green candle, Crystal: Green Tourmaline

RoseYlang-YlangPink CandleRose Quartz

LOVE: Rose or Ylang-Ylang, Pink candle, Crystal: Rose Quartz

LavenderEucalyptusBlue CandleBlue Agate

HEALTH: Lavender or Eucalyptus, Blue candle, Crystal: Amethyst or Blue Agate

RosemaryBlack PepperBlack CandleBlack Tourmaline

PROTECTION: Rosemary or Black Pepper, Black candle, Crystal: Black Tourmaline

Below I will explain how easy you can help boost different situations with the use of essential oils:

• Planting a Rosemary bush in your garden, or just having one in a pot outside your home will give you protection for your property.

• One drop of Juniper berry oil with 5ml of base oil apply to the solar plexus, guards you against unwanted negative energies.

• Soak some Basil leaves in water then sprinkle around your place of business to attract money.

• Add a few drops of Eucalyptus to an oil burner to purify/heal a room, when people have been engaged in verbal, emotional or physical combat. We don’t want these nasty energies hanging around.

• If you are having a test/exam or having to do a speech, put two drops of Basil oil on a cotton wool ball and place up your sleeve or anywhere convenient that the aroma can be smelt. That will keep your mind clear and enable you to focus.

• When summer is on its way out and the lavender is starting to die off, trim off the flower heads put into a glass container add some cheap vodka and cover the flower heads and leave, shake every week, in a month you should have this lovely smelling lavender essence, that you can strain using a paper coffee filter, then transport into a spray bottle and use around the house as a cleansing spray.

• You can also do the same with Patchouli leaves. If you wanted a stronger smell you can also put a couple of drops of essential oil to boost it up. The longer you leave it the stronger it gets.

I hope you can now introduce and enjoy the magical scent of aromatherapy into your home.

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