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The Black Candle

Simple Candle Burning Rituals

Black CandleScary eh? You see a black candle on an alter or some other devotion space and think,
"What on earth is this one up to?" Black candles have been viewed with some suspicion for centuries, when we think of black magick, curses and hexes, there it is, sat among the other symbols like the doll and skull, however it just goes to show the level of ignorance that has been passed down through the centuries by some very un enlightened folk, as a very dear friend once said to me, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups, so as not to sound offensive, I simply mean that because something sticks in our memory, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is true, the truth of the matter is that the black candle (although can be used in dark arts) has another purposefulness entirely,

The Truth is a black candle is used to absorb negativity in any space that it is burned, however it is not quite as simple as just lighting the wick, we must understand the spiritual mechanics of the task and observe what the candle is doing on a spiritual level.
According to legend it is a solid non dipped-black candle that is to used, and it has to be black black, not blue black, not red black, not grey black, but back black, not quite as black as an estate agents soul but as black as possible,

The candle is then to be stuck with a pin, half way up/down the shaft, through the wax with the pin head inserted into the very wick, the top half of the candle is to burn down to the pin, drawing the negative vibration / energy in, once the pin has fallen the bottom half of the candle burns the collected vibrations up through the flame, clearing the space entirely from all negative or harmful energy, the remaining wax is to be buried in the earth, to seal the working!

So you see, we must not jump to silly conclusions when we see a black candle burning somewhere, you never know you could have a friendly neighbourhood witch who is simply looking out for your best interests, some of the other reasons we would burn a black candle would be to deal with grief, or the loss of a loved on, as the negativity is removed leaving space for only joy, peace and love and happy memories, but also humour, for it is important that we laugh, dance and make merry with all that this amazing existence that we call life has to offer, the secrets live deep within ourselves, we don’t have to look very far to see that we are all connected to something, something not all of us can see.

I hope this has helped to banish a few out mysteries any of you may have had as regards the Black Candle, thank you for reading.
Richest Blessings

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