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Reading Auras

They say a change is as good as a rest, when deciding where to go next with my blog, I chose to do both!  As those of you who read these blogs may have noticed I have taken a rest, and now for the change.  I have decided to move away from my usual format of one specific colour for both this entry and the next, and share my knowledge of auras, something that as a professional light worker I call upon every day.  If you have had a reading with me, you will already know that I work with colour energy, often seeing a colour as I connect in with your voice, this is a valuable tool, and one that all of us can learn to use, as babies it is something we took for granted.

As a spiritualist I have come to see that there are no rules when it comes to development, we each have simply to listen to our intuition and do what feels right and comes naturally.  Nowhere is this truer than with colour, for example my healing colour is green, yours maybe blue, and I once knew a woman who associated red with healing.  In development I was taught to stand my subject against a blank pale wall, in order to see their aura.  As this was something I had seen glimpses of since childhood, I was shocked when I found this exercise so hard to do.  Then some weeks later whilst in a dimly lit café, I found myself overwhelmed by the auras of my fellow diners, I realized that I personally see auras better, against dark backgrounds, I find squinting helps as well.  This is just my personal preference, a simple exercise to see which suits you best, is to hold your hand over two pieces of card, one black, one white, spread your fingers and see which one shows up the light surrounding your hand best, this will show you which setting is better for you.

To read someone’s aura you should stand in front of them, and close your eyes. Ground yourself to still your mind, this is achieved by concentrating on your breathing, so take deep calming breaths, and exhale nice and slowly. When you feel you are in your zone, open your eyes and focus, just above their crowns.  This part is quite rude, as you will need to stare, so try not to practice on strangers in the supermarket, to begin with at least.  You will know you are doing it right if you start to feel as if you are staring through them, a bit like day dreaming, only you will keep fully present in your focus. Don’t worry if nothing happens, this is after all you re-learning a forgotten skill, and will take practice. Your subjects form should start to blur a little and you should be able to distinguish a pure white light radiating outwards.  Don’t worry if this is not a perfect egg shape, it might be smooth and continuous, or it might well be spiked and inconsistent. Continue to observe and hopefully you will start to see colours appearing, these are energy vibrations, movement and change is part of their very nature.  If you don’t see colour, call upon your innate clairsentients skills and allow a colour to flow into your mind. The energy they are transmitting will enable you to do this, and this is basically how it works with clients on the other end of a telephone. You might even want to try this for yourself, try to feel the energies of people who phone you.

Sometimes we do aura reading without realizing it, picking up the vibrations through touch. How many times have you hugged someone and been overwhelmed by their energy. Or looked at a stranger and associated them with a colour and emotion. Our language is full of examples of colour replacing a state or emotion.  It is important to remember that colour is simply a vibration, and it is just a simple case of finding the right conditions for you to be able to focus, just as additional noise would block out music. I often find it funny how as individuals we all perceive colour differently, often in DIY stores you see couples arguing, she says it’s green, he says its beige.  In the end it comes down to personal perception and interpretation, which is exactly the same when working with colour energies. The skill is to learn to listen to your intuition and your soul’s interpretation. You will build up your own colour reference library which in time will enable you to give accurate aura readings. I have put together a rough guide to give you a starting point, but remember it does come down to personal interpretation, what works for me, might be different for you.  Listen to your intuition as you work with colour; make a note of how each colour, shade and tone feels to you.

RedRed.- Base Chakra- Passion, lust, courage, vitality.  Depending upon the shade of red, bright red would indicate healthy passion, whereas dark (old blood) red would indicate corrupt unhealthy passion. Same applies to its others qualities.

OrangeOrange - Sacral Chakra –vitality, ambition, social skills, creativity, practicality, Again look at the shade, does it have more red, or more yellow? Shades of black or hints of white? All part of your learning curve, do this with each colour.

YellowYellow - Solar Plexus Chakra – clarification, communication, intellect, happiness, clear thinking.

GreenGreen – Heart Chakra – health, finance, romance, love.  Again look at those shades and tones. Is it more yellow or blue? Do you see black or white within it? As a central colour this swings easily between positive & negative.

BlueBlue – Throat Chakra – calmness, sensitivity, health worker, healer, true voice, isolation. Again look at the shades and get a feel for this colour.

IndigoIndigo – third eye – intuition, personal journeys, open-minded inner vision. Strength.

VioletViolet – Crown chakra – Spirituality, spirit connection, self-development, religion, spiritual wisdom.

TurquoiseTurquoise - Thymus Chakra – (This is often referred to as the controversial 8th chakra and is not universally recognised, scientific evidence for its existence is growing. ) Turquoise combines the healing qualities of green & blue. The thymus gland is known to control our immune system.

PinkPink – unconditional love, fertility, mother-love, friendship, innocence. Again being a mix of two colours it comes in many hints and shades, deep reddish pink will point more towards passionate love and less towards unconditional love. Again it is important to understand all of its variations.

GreyGrey – lacking ambition, stuck, feeling trapped. Just the same as pink, you will find many variations, try to see if it contains more black or white. You may also detect others colours with grey, so pay careful attention.

BlackBlack – in auras is associated with negativity, and the reason that you need to look at the shade of each colour to determine the level of blackness. Black often appears with another colour, as a warning in that area.

WhiteWhite – the opposite to black, brings positivity and pureness. It will lighten other colours, or may just stand alone.

BrownBrown - Stability, grounded, lacking ambition and boredom Look to its hues and shades, to see if you are looking at a nice stable grounded, or an enforced grounded brought about via negative circumstances.

This is just a rough guide of my perception of colour, you will agree with some and adapt others to your own interpretation, but it’s nice to have a starting point for your journey.  There is still so much to cover on auras that I feel I have not done it justice, and with this is mind will write a follow up entry soon.  After which I will continue with my original journey, through colour.  I thank you for taking this diversion with me, and look forward to your company as together we continue on this colourful journey.



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