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Practical Magick For Everyone - The Witches Broom

WitchThe witches broom has a long history in witchcraft and magick, and to this day it is a time honoured tool of the craft of the white witch, but why? And how can it be used today?

When we have grown up and put away silly notions of flying around on cleaning implements we are left with rather unusual symbolism, a hag (as she is usually portrait much to the dissatisfaction of modern witches both male and female) astride a common garden besom (a traditional name for this tool) and flying around the village!

The truth is a little more vivid, and to some slightly eye watering, however we must not be shy when we are dealing with truth, the witch of yesteryear would prepare a potion in her cauldron, with deadly herbs such as Belladonna (deadly night shade) and a host of other similar plants used for their medicinal and magical purposes, this potion was mixed with earth and sometimes charcoal to create a thick paste.

This paste was then smothered onto the long handle of the broom where upon the witch would mount the stick in the action much the same as a child would make use of a hobby horse, thus allowing the herbs to be absorbed more safely into her feminine area, causing them to join her blood stream with intoxicating effects and therefore assimilate the sensation of flying, this potion was named flying ointment. It is a highly dangerous and even deadly procedure that should not be copied.

So as to destroy any illusions, modern witches behave very differently from our more antique versions, we do not go around with brooms between our legs or suggest experimenting with mind altering drugs, these matters are strictly taboo in most covens, but the broom does still have its place in the modern craft, and more than that, it has its uses for you!

There are actions that we take every day that we simply take for granted, running a tap to get hot clean water is a lot simpler now than in times gone by when our ancestors would have to walk miles to a well and then return with the water to boil it for their needs, and today you can plug in your Hoover and off you go, but what about sweeping.

Sweeping is as old as magick itself, and can have a profound effect on your personal environment, and I don’t just mean because its a cleaner nicer space, for behind the action of sweeping lies a little bit of white magick, according to magical legend, sweeping can break up negativity in any space that can then be swept away to bring in a more positive energy, why not try this simple sweeping spell the next time you feel like your stuck in a rut or your had a nightmare argument with your partner.

You will need:
A broom
A white candle

BroomWhite CandleStand in the largest open space you have, with your broom, (any old broom will do, it doesn't have to be a traditional besom just as long as it has a long handle and sweeps easy that's fine)

Sweep in a clockwise circle, thirteen times and build up speed as you go, on the last circle run for the back door and sweep away as fast as you can, close the door and return to your circle you just swept, and light the candle in the centre of the circle, let it burn until the whole of the candle and wick are spent.

So there you are, another myth busted and a little wisdom gained.  I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit of the real history of witchcraft and have something to take away that is useful and practical.

Richest Blessings

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