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The Colour Of Light - April Greenness

Hello, Maria here, welcome to this month’s blog, as I sat and prepared to write this the heavens have opened, and then just as quickly closed, to be replaced by glorious sunshine.  We recognise this contrary weather pattern as April showers.  These soft showers traditionally herald in the lush abundant green growth that makes the English countryside so glorious. Mother Earth has awakened from her grey winter slumber and her greenness is symbolic of growth, balance and healing. I love the abundance of nature and find nothing more up lifting than taking a walk in nature or spending time in the garden at this time of year.  With this in mind I decided to dedicate this blog to flowers and their connection with colour.  Flowers truly are Mother Earth’s gift to us; we take full of advantage of them, using them in many ways for decoration, for their scent, and for their healing properties. Spiritually flowers can be a focus for meditation, as spiritual art often demonstrates or as a tool of divination.
Most people when asked to name a flower and its colour connection will automatically think of the red rose. This flower has long since come to represent love and passion. It appeals to all of our senses as well as being a perfect blend of both male and female energies.  However, as beautiful as they are, they would be the wrong choice to take when visiting a loved one in hospital.  This is when we need to reflect back on colour properties and scents as we will look a little closer at later on. Soft healing pinks, blues, soft yellows, whites and lavenders would all bring a gentle soothing energy that would uplift a fragile spirit without over whelming.  Once on the road to recovery, you could introduce brighter, more uplifting colours to aid with this period of recuperation.

Let’s take a closer look at our gardens, we each use them differently and want different things from them.  If you want a baby or younger child to relax in here, plant soft pastel shades.  If it’s to be used as a playground for older robust children, go for bright and colourful blooms that will invigorate both the senses and imagination. Each flower gives off a vibrational scent, so even the visually impaired can take pleasure in these beautiful colour vibrations.

Blue flowers create a sense of calmness and tranquillity, perfect to sit and reflect and contemplate in. In this space you will find it easier to connect with your throat chakra and tune in to your inner voice, this will enable you to use your true voice to express your needs and desires. These flowers also purify the air around you.

Red flowers create energy and an element of excitement, they connect us with the root chakra, they help us to connect with the essence of life, they evoke passion and all the energies that ground us and make us human.  These are perfect if you need to create a space to recharge your batteries or just reconnect with the energy force of life.

Orange and yellow flowers are joyous; they uplift the dullest of spirits and restore hope.  They help us to connect with our 2nd and 3rd chakras, our sensuality, creativity and sense of worth. This intellectual inspiration is perfect if you use your garden as a place of study or as an outdoor studio.

Lavender, purples and violets are all perfect if you need to create a space for healing of the body, mind or spirit. They connect us to our inner eye, (intuitive) chakra and their purifying properties make them the perfect accompaniment to meditation.

Flowers are special as they connect multiple senses, touch, smell and sight. Just as colour is a vibration so too is scent, with each scent emitting its own unique vibration, this is highlighted in floral perfumes.  Red flowers emit deep base tones, pink flowers emit rich baritone tones, yellow flowers emit contralto tones, blue flowers emit soprano tone and white flowers emit a flute like tone.  A good perfume consists of 3 harmonious notes blended into the perfect melody.

Base – reds and oranges
Middle – yellows and greens
Top – blues

I wish you all the joy of your gardens and spring walks and remember that the next time you give someone a bunch of flowers you are in reality giving them a blend of harmonies and healing properties, Mother Nature’s true song of up-liftment!

April Green

We all need green individuals in our life.  They provide the perfect balance between various energies.   You will know a green individual by their constant desire to bring balance and harmony to most situations. They can frustrate you from time to time as they seem to be neither one thing nor the other, as they are neither extrovert or introvert but constantly striving balance between the two states.

If you are a green individual, you will often find yourself on the outside looking in, as you tend to take the role of observer rather than main participator.  You may even frustrate yourself with your inability to make decisions.  This stems from a deep rooted fear of taking action that goes against the flow, and you are always considering alternative solutions to restore balance and harmony.  Greens tend to be empathic and in touch with the energies around them.

They are most at ease with nature, children and animals. These caring qualities also make them natural healers and they can be found in a range of caring/healing professions be it for the natural, human or animal kingdoms.
As with all colours green vibrations brings both advantages and disadvantages, what must be remembered is that  green is a combination of two primary energies and personality traits will differ depending upon the degree of this mix. So allow for discrepancies from one green individual to another. Most greens have a dislike of crowds with a preference for space. Depending upon the level of blue energy you may find them to be over cautious and lacking inner security.

As this colour connects with the heart chakra it is of little surprise that it is also the colour of emotion and matters of the heart.  The expressions “green eyed monster” and “green with envy” both relate to possession and the need to accumulate, which is another emotion connected to the heart. Depending upon how we tap into this vibration forms the difference between it being positive and negative.  If we follow our true heart’s desire, in a healthy way this can lead to an abundance of wealth, be that monetary or love. Many success business entrepreneurs link into the green energy ray to attract wealth into their lives and those around them.  However if this need is fuelled by greed, negativity and not for the greater good, it will not bode well, especially in relationships.   If you wish to draw upon a little green success, be it to attract love, health or wealth, try some of the following.

Colour visualisation

As with previous visualisations, sit quietly and allow your mind to become still.  Green is unique as its energy is drawn horizontally in through the Heart Chakra. It is a meeting of Magnetic Earth and Electric Air, hence its healing balance, grounding you to the earth, and up lifting your spirit to the heavens. Try to concentrate this balancing energy in your Heart Chakra before blowing it out into the space Repeat 3 times and thank the Universe for sharing this wealth attracting energy with you.  Mother Nature has provided us with an abundance of green foods; this time of year is perfect to take full advantage of her generosity.

Essential Oils


Basil – harmony and balance, Peppermint – circulation, These are 2 of large of green oils; choose one that feels right for you.

Once again there is an abundance of choice, three of my favourites are:


Jade- to attract health and wealth, Emerald – the bringer of pure love. Also balances negative aspects of love, such as jealousy. Peridot – to attract love and wealth.  (I have explained how to best use crystals in previous blogs.)

And now after all this talk of attracting love, let’s look at relationships.  On the whole and in a temporary state most colours will get on with green.  They are often the individuals sent to us to provide healing, between more serious relationships.  Helping us to see what it is we truly want. Green’s benefit from this as they have an active need to bring balance and harmony into the lives of others. Reds will add passion and energy to a green, but after a while will grow frustrated by their indecisiveness and may feel the urge to push them off their fence.  Blues and yellows will both identify with them as they share various personality traits but after a while both parties will become too focused on these aspects and shared traits and will find it hard to move forward and may experience  a sense of inactivity.  The true perfect life partner for a green would be a loving pink who provide, warmth, passion and unconditional love, and in return to would get a loving partner, who brings a wealth of harmony, balance and security into their life.

Once again, I thank you for taking this colourful journey with me; I look forward to hearing from you in a phone reading or connecting with you on line via email reading.  Love and light Maria

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