Guest Speaker

The Angels Of Reflection And Laughter


Call upon the Angel of Reflection and the Angel of Laughter
You are the Inner Light I seek
I feel my Divine Spark Within
I am connected to the process of Life
My beauty is found on Reflection

An Angel sits beside a pond of flowing water.  As the angel gazes into the water, the water becomes clear, a perfect mirror for us to reflect and heal.  The Angels say that when someone starts to mirror our behavior or creates a negative situation which keeps repeating, it is an opportunity for self healing and transformation.  We need to reach deep into ourselves through our third chakra, our solar plexus, which is about two inches above the naval.  This chakra which is yellow is our power centre. It’s associated with issues of self worth.  When it is in alignment our solar plexus helps us find balance and gives us the power to create and manifest.  This is a chakra not to be ignored because it can help us manifest dreams into reality.
There are one or two things we need to look at here. Where is your power?  Are you in your own power, right now?
Yes, you might say but are you completely in your power, or are you giving away your power to another person, or a situation such as a past relationship, or an old energy pattern.   It could be that the person or situation no longer serves your higher purpose but you may still connected to it, fearing to move forward in your life.   The Angel of Reflection is here to help you.  Someone could be making you angry and you feel out of control because they are pushing all your buttons.  Perhaps it is time to look into your heart because there may be things to heal, forgive or release that you haven’t been totally aware of.  Ask the Angels to help you with the releasing process.
Forgiveness is found through reflection and it is also a gateway that when open, allows rushes of positive new energy into your heart.  Wear yellow or visualise a bright strong yellow sun within the solar plexus.  Wearing yellow or using appropriate crystals also sends light to your power centre and helps you stay aligned with the wonderful person that you are.  Be the powerful and creative individual as it was intended.  Feel how good it is to be free of others manipulations.

The angels say that the truth is painful but there is no hiding from our mirrors.  Sometimes the image of who we are can be distorted in this dimension but your soul knows the truth.  See the distortion, walk into the hall of mirrors and look around.  Are things different to how you imagined?  Are you ready to get a clear image of who you really are and what you want in your life?  Or are you holding on too tightly to old outdated ideas and concepts.   Are you ready to heal your heart and be in truth, shine your own light?  Cords from the solar plexus need releasing and there is a strong need to let go.  There is also a necessity for laughter because fun and laughter are great natural healers.  How long is it since you laughed and really let those barriers down?  Feel the energy rising in your belly and spreading out like a bright sun throughout your body.  Experience the sheer joy of a child on Christmas Day opening his or her presents, or jumping over the waves, as your feet sink into the cold wet sand.  Call upon the Angel of Laughter and the Angel of Reflection because these angels will guide you on the wonderful journey into your soul.  Let go of hatred and stress, cleanse and dance!

Angel of Laughter
I overflow with an Abundance of Joy
Which I wish to share with others
Let us laugh and smile
And be as little children


The Oasis
Close your eyes and take some long deep breaths relax your whole body.  Breathe out stale and old energy and imagine breathing in strong golden sunlight.  With each breath, you become lighter and brighter until you begin to glow like a ray of golden sunshine.  Keep breathing and imagine the sun’s beautiful rays shining down on you.  Then visualise a small pool of water, it could be an oasis, in the desert, surrounded by cool tropical plants.  Visualise yourself naked entering the pool via some small marble steps.   Swim around the pool and enjoy yourself. The water is warm and bubbly and the bubbles want to make you giggle.  When you feel completely ready walk up the little tiny steps and out of the pool and feel you feet on the warm sand.  There is a beautiful angel holding a clean white towel for you.  Put the towel around you and feel the warmth of the tropical sun.
Thank the Angel 

Associated crystals:  Yellow or Golden Calcite stimulates the will and citrine for confidence and power and abundance.


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