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Mars in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries

So much built-up tension, so much turmoil deep inside... can you stand the test of nerves right now? Or is it all pent up so tightly that it's likely to explode at some random inflammatory moment, spoiling everything with an "untoward incident" or "accident"?
Ang Stoic, Cosmic Intelligence-Agency, Melbourne

Yup, this energy has been coming up for a lot my clients in the last couple of weeks.

And yet, as an Astrologer, I know that Mars, the primal male energy, is exulted in Capricorn, symbolising "right action" in a cool-headed, strategic, business-like way. This is a well behaved Mars who directs the yin side of his nature (the female expression) in an appropriate manner.  A “real man” instinctively in touch with his feminine side. 

So why all the angst?  And stress. And tension. AND SHOUTING?

True, he's sitting with Pluto, King of the Underworld, modern co-ruler of Scorpio, in a claustrophobic conjunction.   And Mars conjunct Pluto in any sign has the negative reputation of "violence and murder".  In this case, in Capricorn, it would be a clean kill, business like, with a surgeon's precision.  The blood can run cold in melancholic earth signs like Capricorn, the fish/goat.  A silent war machine.

But remember, the conjunction of Mars and Pluto is incredibly powerful when manifested constructively. As Marianne Wilson says:  Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  

This conjunction is also highly sexually charged since both planets are concerned with sex.  Mars, because, it’s, well, MALE and Pluto because it is about the transformative aspect of sex; hence these planets co-rules Scorpio.   AND Mars disposits (sits above, rules) 4 planets in his co- ruled sign of Scorpio.  With sexy siren Scorpio in the mix, there is definitely a strong dose of sexual intensity in the air currently.  This is an interesting “mutual reception” where each planet helps the other to express its true nature.

Added to this heady mix of potentially murderous, pent-up frustration is unpredictable Uranus, forming a difficult, tense square from Mars' yang sign (male expression) of self-centred Aries.

Spontaneous; rebellious; shocking; eccentric; individualistic; utopian Uranus. 

In the sign of Aries; the baby of the zodiac.  Aries needs it and he needs it now! Impatient? Naturally,  because a baby has no concept of delayed gratification.  Aries says “my needs must be met, they must be met NOW and it’s a survival issue because I’ll die without my boobie”. (Not mummy’s boobie, note! MY BOOBIE!)  You could call Aries selfish… and I do!... but would you deny a baby the breast it needs to survive?

So, time to put it all together and make sense of these interesting times.  What is the universe offering us? Looks like a straight forward free-will choice between sex and war.  Remember the words to Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing? Grab your lover right now and break the bed! Wake the neighbours up in the middle of the night!  They’ll probably be awake anyway and shaking their own rafters.  If you don’t find a way to release this particular brand of sexual tension, you’re going to find yourself starting a war.  If you’re celibate or don’t have a lover right now, you’re going to need a lot of cold showers.  Not much fun in November. Or you could try a fake-war like Paintballing?  Sorry. It’s not my fault, I’m just the messenger. Don’t shoot me. 

Or here’s another idea.  Wake up to your own power.  Stop hiding your light under a bushel. Stop pretending that you’re insignificant and don’t belong in the world.  Stop denying your own divinity.  And then you can relax.  Remember:

Make love not war. 


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