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That Mystical, Magical Moon

Written by Sherry R Macbeth

Folklore has blamed the Moon for everything from lunacy to bad luck. Some scientific studies have shown that medical flare ups occur more during some phases of the Moon, and that it affects the tectonic plates causing more earthquake activity than usual. It is known to create the tidal flow of our oceans, and being 75% water ourselves, it’s no wonder it can affect us on many levels.
Let me use our most recent New Moon in Aries as an example. Aries energy is fiery and pushes us to want to create change and start something fresh. Many will find they feel restless under this Moon’s energy and sleep habits can be disrupted. It can bring conflict along with it if you try to push something too hard, too fast, so be careful under the impulsiveness of an Aries Moon.

How about that Cancer Moon? A watery energy, this can make us feel more emotionally in tune or just plain emotional. We may find we crave peace and quiet and some will withdraw at this time. Some may be affected by having their focus drawn to home activities.

A Scorpio Moon can have you feeling a need to withdraw inward and do a bit of self examination. Being a passionate energy, and one that likes to dig deep for answers, we run the risk of becoming a bit paranoid or trying to find issues where there may be none.

Depending on the sign it is in, the Moon can have all sorts of effects on us. So if your other half suddenly seems distant… check out that moon and see what sign it’s in! Feeling on pins and needles to get something started? Maybe the Moon is visiting Aries and creating that restlessness.

The phases of the Moon are important in how we are affected as well. The new Moon carries the energy of new beginnings and is a great time to focus on starting something new. The Full Moon brings the energy of endings and completion so makes a good time to tie up those loose ends or break some old habits. The Waning Moon supports the energy of letting go and releasing those situations that you feel you have outgrown. And the Waxing Moon makes a great time for gathering, creating, and getting ready for new projects.

So look to the Moon and all of her mystical qualities when you feel pulled like the tides in a certain direction. And use the energy of her phases to create the changes you desire!

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