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Tarot and Numerology of 2022

Tarot And Numerology of 2022

The year 2022 vibrates at the energetic frequency of 6, because 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 in numerology!

Numerology is like a golden thread that binds astrology and tarot together.

By understanding the esoteric meanings of the key numbers, 0 to 9 and the master digits 11 and 22 you can easily combine the wisdom of numerology, tarot and astrology to plan your year ahead.

Many people find the tarot a bit scary because of some of the darker images & themes which it deals with, however every number 6 card in the minor arcana offers us some light relief.

The 6 of wands is a card that I can always rely on to put in an appearance when an enquirer has asked about the likelihood of a promotion at work.

If you want a quick yes or no answer to a question, the 6 of wands gives you a clear yes.

If you’re a sports player the 6 of wands highlights success for your team.

The 6 of pentacles is a card of great generosity. From enabling you to positively get what you deserve to receiving a pay rise. I remember once, I chose a random card to meditate on and it happened to be the 6 of pentacles so I decided to carry this card for a day in my bag. In the afternoon I was in a queue in my local shop where the guy in front of me won a few hundred pounds on a winning lottery ticket. I congratulated him and he was so happy that he gave me a share of his winnings on the spot. That was one interesting experience that convinced me of the power of this card. If you study the imagery you will notice in most decks it shows people being handed money, so the 6 of pentacles always announces that you are about to be given something good.

The suit of swords is known to be a suit that contains the harshest of influences and yet the six of swords proudly declares brighter days ahead whilst the six of Cups brings back the warmth of childhood nostalgia and of the good old days.

The ongoing pandemic has certainly caused us to crave happy, innocent times more than ever before, meaning that a revival of old tech may strangely be on the increase this year.

Also with Mercury set to retrograde a whopping 4 times this year, the first of which is on 14 January, many of us will almost certainly end up personally revisiting more themes or people from our past than usual.

All of the above are therefore strong trends to be aware of during the year ahead, and especially if you get a high number of 6 cards in your tarot reading.

The number 6 is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. This is reflected in the Major Arcana by The Lovers card. Perhaps this will lead to 2022 being a record year for marriages & engagements!

Venus is also a planet that concerns itself with beauty & value, which means this is the year to learn to value yourself. We can expect some new revolutionary breakthroughs when it comes to personal perceptions of beauty and probably a few unexpected make up trends/treatment that make a major impact on how every gender feels about their looks.

Venus rules the star sign Taurus so this is also set to be a special year for those born under the sign of the bull, with their karmic year kicking off as of the 18th Jan when the lunar north node enters Taurus.

Virgo is another star sign that falls under the influence of this year, with it being the 6th sign of the Zodiac.  Relationships are in the spotlight till May for Virgo, with Jupiter in your partnership zone, and then again in October, where final decisions are likely to be sealed.

Finally, if by adding your day, month and year of birth together, you discover that you are a birth number 6, this is set to be one of your best years to make more happen easily & effortlessly!

Thanks for reading,

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