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Spirit Is Always With You

Spirit Is Always With You - Enjoying Your Relationship with Higher Entities

No matter how advanced you feel you are metaphysically, spiritually of personally, spirits are always surrounding you. They are benevolent, loving entities who are just humans, people like you and me, who have shed their heavy, limited physical bodies and ascended to a higher plane.

You may think that, "Oh, they are in a higher, lighter, less dense plane, enjoying themselves. Why would they want to spend a minute visiting me, much less helping me?" Well, now that they are on a plane where time is not a part of their existence; they can be anywhere at any time (spirits can actually bi-locate to be in two places at once), so they have plenty of opportunity to visit, comfort and help their loved ones in this physical life. They know what’s going on with you, the good and the bad; the easy and the trying times; the times you rejoice as well as the times you are in despair. This is when they are closest to you. Sometimes you feel them, or hear their footsteps, or find an object of theirs you thought was lost. You may get a whiff of their perfume, or smell their favourite food, or it may be one of the many other signs they manifest for you for assurance.

Now, here is the fun part of communicating with these loved ones in spirit. Ask a favourite aunt, friend, spouse, or anyone who has crossed over for a special sign that you will know without a doubt is from them. It can be finding a particular bird feather outside. Something on TV you haven't seen in years, if ever, that shows something you know is from them (an elephant, a certain location, an old commercial, a favourite show, a song. The list is endless!) When you are driving and uncertain of which route to take, ask them to point you in the best direction. See what shows up to confirm the route that is best for you.

When you are faced with a tough decision about a job, a medical issue, a family argument, and any large or small decision you need to make, ask a loved one for help. You will hear their voice with the answer. You may see a sign that makes you say, okay, I need to do this. A person you haven't heard from in ages calls you and brings up the subject in question. Leave it open as to how they will communicate with you. And above all else, have faith. Always reach inside and feel your truth.

Just because our loved ones leave the physical world, it doesn't put them far away. Their dimension is only about 3 feet above our earthly plane. Embrace the love from them. Love is never lost. It may change forms slightly, but it is forever. Stay in the light. Always have faith in yourself and in the way the afterlife is designed. You are never, ever alone. God bless you, and stay in the Light!

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