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Spiritual Colours: Their Message, Meanings and Powers

Spiritual Colours: Their Message, Meanings and Powers


Sapphire - Regenerate your body

Emerald - Calm your mind, body and soul

Lavender - Connect to body, mind and soul

Violet - Create a balanced life

Amber - Awaken your creativity

Gold - Attract abundance

Lilac - Strengthen your faith

Blue - Activate your healing power

Lemon - Access innovative thinking

Cherry - Live an extraordinary life

Yellow - Purify your body

Silver - Be persistent

Turquoise - Awaken your empathy

Orange - Nurture yourself

Azure - Protect yourself

Magenta - Connect to your deepest inner knowing

Indigo - Improve your vision

Ruby - Rejuvenate your body

Apricot - Rejoice and laugh

Purple - Develop mental clarity

Auburn - Ground yourself

Red - Free yourself from pain

Black - Find richness from the dark night

Watermelon - Have fun with your inner child

Pearl - Connect to the divine

Tangerine - Be spontaneous and have fun

Scarlet - Attract success

Rose - Attract a relationship

Pink - Let in love

Brilliance - Discover your sparkle

Bronze - Strengthen your body

Chocolate - Nourish your body and soul

Brown - Establish boundaries

White - Lighten up

Green - Revitalise your nervous system

Coral - Allow flow and synchronicity into your life

Aqua - Experience peace and calm

Burgundy - Awaken your passion

Peach - Inhale a breath of life

Mauve - Enjoy clear hearing/clairaudience

Rainbow - Connect to Spirit in nature

Jade - Take action

Cyan - Build your confidence

Plum - Overcome your challenges


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