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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Psychic Reading

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Psychic Reading


When my clients book in for readings, I always say “It’s always best to be prepared.” I have learnt to follow this advice myself too - as Psychics also enjoy, or even need, a second opinion from our peers. It’s very much the same as going to a friend for advice or a second opinion.


So what do I mean by being prepared?

Before a reading I always ask my clients to focus their energy and put out to the universe, to their guides and to their loved ones in spirit, the questions they would like to have answered.

Some ways to do that are to meditate, speak it out loud or if that is not comfortable to you, ask in your mind.

This then connects your guides and my guides even before our Psychic ‘meeting’ has begun.

Then I would ask you to have a notepad and pen. Again, list questions that you would like to have answered, anything that is important to you. The reason being in a reading it is really easy to forget some things you may have wanted to ask.

The notepad and pen comes in handy in your reading too, as sometimes information can come through quite quickly, so try to make short hand notes. Also, if there is something you would like more clarification on or more information, you can write it down so you don’t forget.

I would also say to think about all the people who are around you in your day to day life and who are or have been important to you. This would be family, friends, work colleagues and people that are from your past, as they are likely to come up in your reading and sometimes your mind can go blank.

The most important part is having the right questions. Have at least 3 things you would like to ask and cover.

Like any meeting, they only last a certain amount of time so by being organised you will get the most from it.

Remember to relax and be open, to listen and if something doesn’t make sense ask for more clarification.

Each meeting is different and don’t panic if you only have a certain amount of time, you can always arrange another meeting to discuss further or see what else is coming up for you.


I hope that helps,


Love & Light xx


Jason - 500088

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