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My Readings and Future Predictions

My Readings and Future Predictions


When I work with Spirit, I try and work in the present and future. In my conversations with Spirit, their version of time and their idea of “the present” is different to our own. What they think of as the present would appear to us as the last 5 weeks and the 5 weeks to come, so sometimes the timings they give can seem a little confusing.

Sometimes we make decisions that delay our own future. This can be done without us even knowing it, simply changing your mind on something as small as the colour of an object we buy.

When I speak to Spirit, whether that's through my mediumship or by using my Angel Cards, the reading is given based on your path at that moment in time, but as I’ve said above, paths can change. This is why some future predictions do not work, as although your predictions have not worked out, it doesn't mean that the medium got it wrong, it just means that your path has changed slightly. Most of the time paths don't change, but you can create branches that come away from your path. Just like on a road map, some roads are cul-de-sacs, with a dead end, so that the path stops. In this case you become stuck in a rut, but Spirit Guidance can help you get out of the rut. With Spirit Guidance you will need to trust the reader, trust the spirit the reader is talking to and do what the reading has advised you to do.

Guidance and messages are given mostly with instructions for you to adhere to in order for the message to come true, but if you decide to do nothing and just sit back for the message to happen it is likely that the prediction won’t come true. There are other branches that come away from the path, but further into that branch and further into the future, that branch can reconnects to the main path. This happens because you have done something and made a change. There are also branches that come to a crossroads. When this happens you have a choice of which path to take and just like the cul-de-sac, spirit will give you an instruction for you to be able to either stay on that path or for you to get back onto that particular path but again you will have to trust the reader and Spirit with regard to this. Then there is the wrong path. This is when at sometime in your past you have made a decision that has taken you onto a different path that may not have been our first choice. Although we call it “the wrong path”, it doesn't necessarily mean that things can’t work out well still, as that path might be right for you, even if it’s not what you would have chosen looking back. It was your choice in your past that you chose to take, but again this is where you trust the reader and Spirit and adhere to the instructions given, in order for you to get on to the path Spirit wants you to be on. In most cases Spirit will give guidance, but it is still up to you whether you adhere to their instructions or not.

We are all here to help you and to help Spirit 

in love and light

Jules S - 500073

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