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Tarot - All About Tarot

Tarot has being used throughout many centuries, though when and where it actually began no-one can be certain. It’s thought that the Romans brought it into Europe. The deck consists of 78 mystical cards, there are 22 cards that form the major Arcana theses represents individuals, or if there is a lot of them in one spread it’s likely to be an important issue that needs attention.

The 56 minor Arcana represents events, ideas and activities that go on in our lives. These are sometimes used with playing cards Spades representing Swords, Clubs representing wands Hearts representing water and Diamonds representing pentacles. The Swords (Air) representing thought, information, connecting ideas and self-expression. The Wands (Fire) representing intuition, vision, progress individuality success and failure. The Pentacles (Earth) represents the senses, materialism extend reality and the tangible. The Cups(Water) represents emotions, feelings and relationships.

Just like there are many different decks there are also many different spreads and the way the cards lay in each spread determines the outcome of the reading. I use the Angel Tarot cards usually doing the Celtic cross spread, when asked I will do the 3-card spread giving information on the past, present and future. When working on relationships I will use a spread of 12 cards laid out in the shape of a heart, this spread can also be used for relationships with parent’s siblings or friends as well as romantic relationships.

Each card has an image a name and a symbol and have specific meanings. The Major Arcana also represents signs of the zodiac for example:

ARIES is the Emperor- Power and authority   TAURUS is the Hierophant-advisor and great sense                    

GEMINI is the Lovers- lover and physical attraction   CANCER is the Chariot- control and power

LEO is the Strength- empathy and harmony   VIRGO the Hermit- solitude and withdrawn

LIBRA is the Justice- inner peace and business affairs   SCORPIO is the death-new beginnings

SAGITTARIUS is the Temperance- healing and balance   CAPRICAN is the Devil-commitments

AQUIRUS is the Star- wishes and dreams   PISCES is the Moon- misunderstandings and attention

I burn sandalwood incense during my readings and always shuffle the cards and ask you to put them into three piles then you select which pile you would like right middle or left, this puts your energy into the cards as well as ensuring they are your choice when I turn them. At the end of every reading I will always clear the cards before the next reading.

We all have choices throughout the day so make yours to feel good about yourself at the beginning of the day, to give you a good start, make this a new habit for you to cultivate.

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