Guest Speaker

Supporting Happiness

Sometimes to be happy is easy, all is well in our world and we are looking forward to good things in the future.
But how do you support your happiness when you are in a rough patch or worried about things? And why does it matter?
Well, the universe is always responding to our vibrations. You know how when you get a new car and suddenly, everywhere, you see the same car, same colour? 
Whatever you are thinking about equals your vibration (which is your point of attraction) and the universe delivers more of the same to you - that's why your thoughts matter so much - even more that not liking the feeling of 'unhappy' or 'disturbed' 
When times are tough it's key to tap into a more positive frame of mind, to set yourself up each day to receive more positive energy.
All things pass, this bad patch will too. 
Understand that although you have no control over an EXTERNAL situation or course of events, YOU DO HAVE the ability to exert some control over your INNER world. 
This is not about thinking until your head hurts about possible solutions! Trust me on this!  You'll likely meddle and just make things more complicated! Then these thoughts (vibrations) will drag things on more painfully and for longer!
What helps is shifting your inner state. There are many ways you can do this, here I'm listing just a few ideas to play with.
First of all it's important to relieve yourself of the idea that it's what you have (or have not done) that's created this unhappiness. This is not the time for allocating blame or shame! 
Whether true or not, blaming is absolutely irrelevant at this point. 
Until you are in a better frame of mind, beating yourself up is not going to get you happy! So park those thoughts! 
If, when you feel brighter, you find a lesson to be learned, you can review it then. 
Right now the most important thing is to shift out of this current feeling you're experiencing.
Life is about joy, yes there are bumps - but you deserve joy, don't you agree? 
So take some small steps.
Write a note and leave it next to your bed so it's the first thing you see each morning, setting the tone for the day.
I usually go for something simple like: 
'I can and will be happier than this' 
or  a longer version such as: 
'All is well, it's ok, and I understand that things are out of my control right now. I trust that all will unfold perfectly. I will  look back and see that this was all part of a necessary stepping stone to shift to my next new chapter of happiness.'
I also find it helpful to meditate and find my power animal whose qualities will support me at this time. 
Of course you can always ask a reader to find your power animal or Angel for this period.
Most importantly, catch yourself from falling into negative thinking. 
When you catch yourself, rephrase the thought in a positive way - yes, even if you don't feel like you believe i! 
The universe is full of love, endless possibilities and opportunities - time to grab your share! 
Hold in mind that Feelings are just visitors, let them come and let them go. 
Of course, a tarot reading will always help you see the wood for the trees, so maybe now is the time to make that call
Oh, and be your own best friend- you deserve your best!

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