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Are Tarot Cards Alive?

I would love to express my Love, appreciation and Obsession with the Tarot Cards
There are too many superstitions surrounding them, mainly the one about 'You shouldn’t buy your own Cards'
Which is obviously nonsense, of course you can buy your own Cards, I did, the Aleister Crowley Thoth Deck
Over 40 years ago, and have been studying only them ever since. I dip into the Ryder Waite deck occasionally because there are some meanings of the two that can be used in both Packs. e.g. in the Ryder Waite Deck, the Four of Swords can sometimes mean Doctor or Hospital visits or Health matters generally according to the question, where as those issues aren’t some relevant in the Crowley Deck re that Card, but becomes so in a Reading when that Card is twinned with another Health related Card like the Sun or the Tower, or the Art/Temperance Card which also relates to Balance through the integration of combing the right Chemicals, The King/Prince and Queen of Disks/Pentacles also relate to Health matters and the Knight of Disks/Pentacles can also be a Doctor Diagnostician

The Princess of Wands in the Crowley deck can also mean turning to a much simpler diet when combined with any of these other Cards, just an example of how Reading the Cards in Pairs and Groups gives a much more detailed and Rounded interpretation, but always with a very direct question, because the Cards are to be read in context to the question.
As for the Cards themselves, they are Very much Alive.

They are Living Beings

In the ancient Vedic Scriptures, there is Philosophy that 'Everything' has a Living Deity within it or behind it, pulling its strings.
Such as Nature Spirits in charge of the maintenance of Plant life.

There are Living Deities inside every stone and Crystal

The Vedas give the example that there are Entities that maintain the Blinking of our Eyes
So back to the Cards, each one has a Very Alive Living Deity presiding in a different Dimension
It is said that Aleister Crowley who designed the Cards, went into deep Meditations and visited the realms where these Deities preside, and then described what he saw to Lady Frieda Harris who then painted them.
A lot of people think they are just Cards so how could they possibly predict anything or be helpful at all; they think the Cards that are laid out are just random. I believe that at a very deep level, we know our own Destinies and the answers to our problems and Questions. So it is a much higher part of us who is guiding our hands, shuffling the right Cards into the right places
Equally when I shuffle for someone else when I give a Reading, that Persons Higher Self is guiding my Hands
So to sum it up, for me the Tarot Cards are the best Self Help tool because they give the best Guidance and Predictions of Future events

They never lie to you; they are your best Friends

And always best to be read in pairs and groups because they affect each other and you get a much bigger picture of the situation
I have also discovered that a Reading isn’t over until the last Card is a Major Card, so sometimes there can be quite a few rounds before you get to that last Major Card, which means there is a lot the Querant needs to know about the subject.
They are also known as Gods Picture Book, a true Gift from God

Aleister crowley tarot deck

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