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Subconscious - Dreaming

Dreams always tell us something. Sometime it’s something important and sometimes it’s the mind unravelling and reorganising itself. Books on the subject may be helpful, but we all have our own personal symbolism.

If you have a ‘Big Dream’, an important dream, it is likely to be very memorable, very vivid and colourful and stay with you when you wake up. If there are people in it, then it is possible these could be real people in your life, but it is also very likely that they represent aspects of yourself. People we know or meet always mirror back aspects of ourselves. Sometimes we don’t like what we see in them, but it’s worth thinking about. In the dream they may mirror back things that we wish for and in that way, suggest that you take a good look at what is possible, when it may be possible and how you might achieve what you want. The dream may encourage you to do some research and make a plan for yourself.

If you feel you are trapped in a dream, then think about whether or not you are trapped in some aspect of your life. Crazy though it may seem, sometimes we choose to remain stuck in a situation because we can’t work out how to change it, or are fearful of where change may take us. Whatever you feel (feelings about dreams are very important) it doesn’t mean you have to make a decision about anything right away. Think it through, weigh it all up. Time doesn’t exist outside of our three dimensional world that we live in, so interpreting time in dreams can be tricky.

If you dream about your lover or someone you are very emotionally involved with, then it is likely that you are meeting on the Astral plane, a different reality just outside of our usual daily lives. This is the alternative reality that exists in dreams, in spiritual experiences and messages, past lives and out-of-body experiences. The most usual experience of being out of body is one where you may feel you are floating above yourself, looking down at yourself and your surroundings. This can happen at times of great distress, but also spontaneously or by intent. (I wouldn’t encourage anyone to try it for fun or as an experiment. It is so very important to be able to fully return to your body following spiritual or out-of-body experiences and be completely grounded, or you can become detached from reality. That is distressing and could have a serious effect on your mental state.)  

However, coming back to meeting the person ‘of our dreams’: it may be that the other person is dreaming of you, that they are awake and thinking of you and the emotional/ telepathic connection between you is very strong. You are ‘tuned-in to each other’. It is usually more difficult to have this connection during the daytime because here is too much interference from our busy daily life and continuous and intense mental activity. Mental activity gets in the way of more spiritual or intuitive information and experience.   

So when you find yourself thinking about a dream, be aware of the first impression or feeling you have about it. Write it down, or as much as you can remember, then look at all of the pictures or people. What do they represent to you? If there’s water, what kind of water is it and how do you feel about it? You may love water or you may not. Water usually says a lot about your emotions though. If you’re surrounded or overwhelmed by water, then you are probably emotionally distressed and may need to take a cool and detached look at your life to see how you can get some control of the situation, find your footing, as it were. If you are swimming happily in your dream, then it suggests that you are getting on well, or are in the process of making some good progress. You are on-top of things.

Who are the people in the dream? What are they saying and how do you feel about it? Are they drawing your attention to something? Giving you guidance or advice? Your feelings will tell you most of what you want to know about what your dream may be telling you. Whatever you believe a dream may mean to you, think it all through in the in the light of day and weigh up what you feel it may mean before deciding it is telling you to do something. The dream may be about ideas and possibilities, not giving you instructions.

You can ask for dreams. One way of encouraging yourself to dream is to start writing them down. It may not happen first time, but stay with it and ask yourself for a dream. The more you write dreams down, the more you are likely to dream, so be aware that there may come a point where you ask yourself to stop, or the dream diary could take over your life!

Blessings x Ella


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