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Subconscious - Near Death

Most of us have heard about people who have died and then come back to life. Often, these people have a very amazing story to share with us of a spiritual nature. As a Christian, I believe in heaven and angels. The more I study 'Near Death' or 'Near Eternal Life' experiences, the more I believe in heaven. 

 Almost all of the people who report an experience of this nature have a similar story of travelling though what seems like a tunnel and seeing a white light: a white light that is not here on earth. It is a different kind of light. Coupled, with this travel sensation, and this amazing white light is something of much more importance and that is what the individual begins to feel. All persons report FEELING a calmness that is almost indescribable. Most say it is a feeling of total calm, relaxation, no fear, no anxiety, peace and love. I believe this place and this feeling is that of HEAVEN. Many report angels coming to help them take the journey, or Jesus, or Mary, or family, or friends coming and helping them make this transition into "THIS OTHER PLACE". I believe that heaven is a place of nothing but love, peace, calm and a place of no more worries or stress. I also believe that we cannot imagine this place with our 'earthly human mind' awareness and the amount of CALM, LOVE and PEACEFULNESS because we are not supposed to experience it here on earth.

Many people believe that heaven is our true home. I too, believe this. This life is just a journey of experiences and learning. 

Many of these same people report seeing people who passed on before them. They are there to greet them and comfort them. Again, almost all the individual, also report not wanting to leave this place, and the feeling of CALM, LOVE and Peacefulness. 

I find the most amazing factor in all of my research, that I see as undeniable, is the change in the individuals after their "Near Eternal Life' or 'Near Death' experience. These people come back understanding something about worldly possessions and how unimportant they really are. They often stop collecting worldly possessions and begin enjoying life to the fullest. They are no longer afraid of death and no longer behave in selfish ways. They seem to have a profound understanding of the human struggles. They become more compassionate, empathetic, and loving individuals. They understand a life of 'being of service to others' and how WE are all connected to one another. 

I personally have a friend who died several years ago and came back to life in the operating room. He was a very confused young man at the time, drinking and womanizing and in general was negative and lacked motivation. We met because he was in my art class at school and was very talented. After this experience he had, he completely changed his life. He was no longer the same person. He no longer used alcohol or drugs and began a life of FAITH. Today he is married, works in business and volunteers most of his time with the homeless. He is one of the people I admire most. He speaks all over Canada and the US about his experience and motivates thousands of people to live a life of FAITH.

As an empath, I encourage anyone to study near death experiences and see the amazing changes that take place in these people’s lives. You will also see the similarities in these stories. The common thread is how these people feel when they are there. That similarity says it all. Who among us wouldn't want to feel calm, peaceful and loving all the time? It would be wonderful!!!!! This I believe is heaven, and we as humans can choose heaven or not....that is our "free will" or our God given "choice". Enjoy your investigations into this topic. It is truly fascinating!!!!

If you would like to talk about this further or to get a reading with me please contact Summer 500954 and God Bless. 

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