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Spiritual Love

Spiritual love

A spiritual connection is something that is so deep rooted it can be hard to accept initially. They transcend this dimension and are all about the meaning and purpose of our lives. After all, they were not made in this dimension.

Spiritual love does not have to be a sexual relationship. Someone can be your soul sister or brother without the need for any physical attraction. These people will be able to finish your sentences, as you will theirs.

You will find that randomly you will be in their thoughts, as they in yours, to the degree that you will sense when something is wrong, when something is right and when they need your shoulder to lean on.

In these connections you will find that you both accept each other for who they are; you do not try to change each other. You learn to compromise with each other easily; nothing will be a big issue as there is always a way round things.

There will be no topics off limit for fear of ridicule or confrontation. The acceptance is absolute, as you will share the same values and morals.

If you find a love like this, including friendships that are like this, hang onto them and nourish, nurture and protect them. Your combined light will always outshine any darkness that threatens your connection.


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