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Speak Your Absolute Truth

Now, let’s clear that throat chakra, shall we? 

How? Well, there are many ways to clear and energise our chakras; crystals (blue in colour, such as Blue Lace Agate), music frequencies and binaural beats, breath work, energy, vibration and healing modalities, energy channelling, smudging and much more. For the throat chakra however it’s a simple one - speak your damn truth! Always! 

Vocalise yourself. 

Be authentically you. 

Speak out regardless of how your truth may offend someone else. 

Don’t ever be afraid to speak your truth!

Trust your gut instinct and say how you feel. If someone else is offended, that’s on them, right? Deliver your words with determination (and compassion). Delivery is key. We can speak our truth without being harsh, demanding, tense, passive aggressive and so forth. 

I think it was Buddha who said, “Silence is the best form of communication and anything else is misinterpreted”. 

I love that. Not everyone is great at communicating (especially when it comes to their thoughts, feelings and emotions), but let’s all stop assuming we know what people mean. 

Don’t take it personally… 

If something offends you, stop and ask yourself why you’re offended. Make a conscious effort to stop assuming you know what people mean. Chances are people don’t want to hurt you to begin with, but they might not know how to communicate effectively either. Things get lost in translation. If you’re not clear on the meaning of a specific comment, all you must do is ask. It has been said that if something is said to you and it offends you, then it’s you that has the problem... Food for thought... 

Don’t be afraid of who you aren’t… 

For me, self-confidence unpins everything (yes everything)! 

Self-confidence is hugely important. It determines what levels of success you achieve and how much joy you have in your life. It can raise or lower the quality of your treasured relationships. I don’t feel anyone formally verses us in the art of being confident, and while our parents may have encouraged us to believe that we could do something (if we were lucky enough to have that level of support), I don’t feel we grew up realising its significance. 

I first became aware of my self-confidence at a young age, probably when I was about 5 or 6 years old. At the same time, I also recognised how this could easily be crushed by another person or a bad experience, and how I had to almost fight to keep hold of my confidence. Obviously, it wasn’t as clear-cut as I make it sound here. It was all very confusing to be honest. I am very headstrong and have been since childhood, so perhaps this is what underpins my confidence – my sheer determination to hold onto it. 

As I grew up, I became more and more self-aware, and increasingly attuned to the behaviour of others. I became more aware of the kind of situations that made me feel confident, the people who boosted my confidence, how to make the most of my confidence, and how to inspire confidence in others. 

However, I haven’t always been brimming with confidence. Far from it. I have had many experiences where my confidence has been shattered – to almost nothing. Few things are more detrimental than low levels of self-confidence. At those times when I wasn’t feeling confident in myself, I didn’t take risks, I didn’t enjoy life and I usually ended up stuck in places I didn’t want to be. 

However bad things got, I always knew that I needed to build myself back up and reclaim my usual high levels of self- confidence. When you believe in yourself and your abilities, you take smart risks, achieve important goals and develop meaningful relationships with those around you. It’s a much happier place. 

There have been ups and downs; I am human after all. But I have reached a point now where I have established a happy medium; my confidence works for me. I recognise that I am a work in progress, and I must work on my confidence daily, which can mean stepping beyond my comfort zone. As long as I remind myself that it all starts in the mind, I can take those challenging steps or give myself that push I need to overcome what it is holding me back so that I can pursue my dreams. 

I still have fears, we all do, but I know that we can beat them and break through that wall of fear and come out on the other side. I have done it many times, and that success is what fuels further success. 

Self-confidence is the best outfit, claim it, rock it and – most importantly – own it. 

Lots of love,

(bringing you more) Hope xox 

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