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Soulmates - What Are They?


What is a soulmate? In my readings I’m often asked if a current partner is that person’s soulmate. Often, my answer will be “You shouldn’t want them to be”.

What is a soulmate? Should we call them “Soulmates” or is the better term “Travelling Companion”?

A soulmate is another soul you formed a “contract” with prior to this lifetime. You have agreed to be part of the life experience together and to help each other through certain experiences.

Sometimes your soulmate creates the test for you and that’s why many of us struggle to walk away from what we see as an unhealthy or upsetting relationship. Many of us have done this before. We have had a partner that did something we didn’t like and we have dropped them like a hot rock never to look back again. “Why can’t I do that with this person?” I hear you ask. It’s because a soulmate relationship always has to complete.

If your karma in this life - and I will explain karma in a future blog- is to experience rejection, jealousy, anger and heartache, then your soulmate will arrive on their white horse to slam you head first into all of those experiences.

It’s a gift. What? I hear you scream in horror. It’s on your list as a soul to experience those emotions in this human experience and you will never avoid it but you WILL overcome it.

You then return the favour by helping your soulmate overcome the experiences that are testing them.

Unconditional love is one of the most common ways - your meant to love them. Your meant to find forgiveness and get past the things they do. And you will do that by not taking their behaviour personally. That’s the bit that blocks us and causes all the pain. We forget they told us how they treated past partners or experienced their previous relationships. We tend to blow that off with the thought “Oh well I’m not like that”,  when what we should really be doing is understanding the damage and limitations that this new partner possesses because of what they previously experienced and understand they are broken and broken things never work properly.

So when the inconsistency starts and when the silence moves in our first thoughts are more on why someone is fearful of a relationship, what emotions are making them vulnerable and how can we recognise the damage they already possess? We should think of this, not just ask “Why are they doing this to ME?” The answer is always going to be because they are scared.

When people are scared they get angry and they don’t treat people well - every negative action comes from a place of fear.

And your tears and anger and confusion at the silence you’re receiving is coming from your place of fear. Fear that you will always feel this way. Fear that you are missing out on what was promised of the life together, the life you imagined when everything was good. Some people are NOT soulmates. They are blockages and tests and a reading will help you to see that because we can look behind you and in front of you and see why it’s happening

We all have “soulmates” or “travelling companions” and a reading can always show you who is who and determine which one.

Thanks for reading.

Bobbie – PIN 600628

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