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I live in a home haunted by two spirits so I know first hand how to deal with them, but if your home had a spirit in or you caught something on camera, how would you deal with it? Would you take it in your stride or would you take to your heels and run? Some are at peace with a haunted home, others find themselves constantly looking over their shoulder. The best way to deal with paranormal phenomena is to  ‘keep calm and carry on’, as most spirit energy needs energy to become active and mortals give off more energy with fear.

Poltergeists (German for ‘noisy ghost’) are a classic example of the attention-seeking ghost that thrives not just on fear but getting a reaction. Normally, we don’t see poltergeists but we certainly know they’re around by their handiwork which can involve scratching, banging and throwing objects around. In essence, if ghosts came with energy ratings a poltergeist would be labelled ‘E’. Pubescent children often seem to provide the catalyst that jump starts a poltergeist’s high energy consumption antics, the most notorious example being the two girls involved in the 1977 poltergeist haunting in Enfield, London.

Most psychics can tell you if you have a haunting or a ghost a home visit might not even be necessary to clear your home. We can often do it over the phone by helping you to help yourself. I have helped clear houses through instruction over the phone many times and people have have often told me how beneficial the help has been.

I recently read for a lady who I will call A. A’s life was on a downward spiral; she had lost her job, her marriage and her brother in quick succession. Even her gear box went in her car. A explained to me that everyday something bad was happening and I knew it must be something more than chance. We all have bad luck at times, right? But it gets to a point where you have to start reading the signs. Then A told me how she kept losing things: keys, credit cards and all manner of things were disappearing. She would wake up and find her kitchen draws open. I then realised what had happened. A had a very low level spirit energy in her home but she knew this and was always happy to live beside her spirit. But when things started going wrong her energy changed for the worse. Then when A started to notice things going missing and turning up in strange places fear mingled with her low spirits and she would have sleepless nights. It was a long reading and I was able to remote view her home. I could see two spirits who seemed to be very young and full of energy that A was feeding. I might add, no harm had ever been done to her. When A calmed down the spirit energy also calmed down. The end result after a few readings was a peaceful home once more and a life back on track.

A found a job and now she has new love in her life. I really loved helping her get on the right path by simply changing the energy she was putting out. She now comes back once a month and although life continues to have its ups and down she now knows that nothing stays the same and good luck will always be around the next corner, or perhaps the next one after that!

It was a pleasure to be on her journey helping her through a difficult time.

Being psychic is not always about predicting the future, it can be simply helping someone choose the future that’s right for them and getting them on the right path.

I love making predictions, remote viewing and helping others find their way in life but I am also a ghost hunter in my spare time. I go out with my partner in the dead of night to haunted locations looking for lost spirits or ghosts that linger on. Most of the time I find nothing but when I do it’s an amazing feeling. Being psychic is something I wouldn’t change for the world.

Thanks for reading

Juliet James – PIN 500101

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