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Soulmates - Recognition

There are many different beliefs out there regarding Soulmates and Twin flames but personally I buy into soul connection and soul recognition. I am talking about that moment when everything seems to click into place at a deep soul level and you just know that they are the one. That doesn’t mean to say that everything then flows in beautiful harmony as sometimes this belief is put to the test by the Universe placing in your paths obstacles that first need to be overcome, perhaps this happens because there are still lessons to be learnt by either party.

Why do I buy into this? I believe this to be the truth as both personal and professional experience has shown this to be the way, time and again.  Is there only one? No if this was the case, no one who has suffered loss would go on to love again. However I do believe that there is one special soul, who travels through time with us, our Twin Flame. However, unfortunately due to personal choice we do not always incarnate at the same time, occasionally one will choose to skip a lifetime, and so there is no guarantee of a Twin Flame every life time and if you are fortunate enough, it will be governed like any other relationship by Divine timing.

Personally I met not one but two soulmates early on in my life amongst a sea of frogs, they were polar opposites of one another, and each brought me different life lessons. I regret neither of them as they both brought me a deeper understanding of who I am and my worth. I was still working through the last lesson, in that I knew my worth, but couldn’t resist the temptation to give it one last try. I was young and foolish and believed I could change him and so I agreed after a prolonged separation to meet him and discuss starting over. The night before we were due to meet, I was out with my girlfriends and it was my turn to get a round in but whilst I waited at the bar I caught the unwanted attention of a very drunk man. I returned to my friends, bemoaning the incident and one of them thought it would be funny to drag the inebriated fellow my way, with that time honoured cry of “my mate fancies you” And so there he stood, or should I say swayed, dishevelled and roguishly handsome.  And I guess that was my moment of soul recognition, as now 26 years later I can still remember every detail of what he was wearing, almost as if that moment has been seared into my memory.

I woke in my friend’s room early the next morning, and should have been excited as the day had arrived to meet up with my ex and get my life back on track, but all I could think about was the man I had met the evening before.  My friend was also thinking about him, as he had been extremely drunk, had somehow ended up sharing a taxi back with us, where he’d insisted on trying (emphasis on trying) to cook pizza from scratch at three in the morning, before I had managed somehow to get him into another taxi to take him home, yet despite his condition some instinct had urged me to hand him a piece of paper with my number on it. This man could barely stand by this stage that he’d managed to hold onto it and remember it in the morning is a sheer miracle, or perhaps the Universe had something to do with that.  “Oh my God that guy from last night” My friend laughed the horror all too apparent on her face, to which I simply replied “Don’t talk about him like that, I am going to marry him.”  As soon as the words left my lips silence fell upon us and we both just sat there staring at one another, as we both knew I was due to meet my ex that evening, and that I wasn’t the kind of girl who dreamt of marrying, in fact quite the opposite.

 The evening rolled round and I decided to sit indoors and watch a video with my family, I didn’t even bother to contact my ex to say I wasn’t coming. I sat there watching Alien Nation, with butterflies in my tummy as a mounting sense of excitement grew within me and when the phone rang, I knew intuitively that it wasn’t my ex ringing to complain, but was instead the new man who despite his drunkenness had reached out and touched my soul.

We started dating and I soon discovered that those who’d come before him had set the bench mark for the qualities that I liked and he happened to surpass them on all of their best bits, as well as reminding me an awful lot of Han Solo personality wise and the same hair.  But he was also himself  and had his own flaws just like all of us, but if I’d written down a cosmic order, he’d have come pretty close to perfect, I just try not to tell him that too often.  Most importantly he not only accepted my flaws but helped me to see that they were what made me unique.  Twenty six years on, almost twenty three of which we’ve been wed, and four handsome sons later he is still enhancing my life. He is the rock, the foundation upon which I have built my life. He has become the wings that have helped me to take flight spiritually. And he is the breath that fills me with the courage to believe in love and to be able to tell my tale.

 Maria pin number 500291

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