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Soulmates - My Story

The story of my soul connection

Nine years ago, I attended a workshop in South Africa on calling your Soulmate.  Being a part sceptic at the time I went in with an open mind and a clear heart.  We opened the circle and then were handed a piece of paper in which to write down to the universe what it was we wanted from our Soul Mate.

 I wrote three pages down.  How he needed to look, specifics.  How his personality needed to be and that he would be able to laugh and joke and and and.  Then we went into meditation and the deeper we got the more his image was coming forward.  We opened the gate between the worlds and there we were introduced by our spirit guides.  I saw him as someone that was young in spirit, hardworking and the complete opposite of myself.  When we closed the gates and came back to conscious mind I laughed and told the woman that that was a lovely exercise but I doubt very much that a true connection was made.  At the time I was married to a very abusive husband and was heading out the door.  So I wanted to make sure that the next man to ever enter my life was someone I would actually get along with.

I forgot about the lists and the meditation and about 6 months later I had a reading with a Psychic who stated that my soulmate was waiting to meet me.  He was a man who was young at heart and spirit and that would love me unconditionally till the end of time.  He would never abuse me nor make me change my love of the opposite sex.  I laughed and told her that man hadn't been born yet.  She said that she saw dairy cows but that I wasn't going to leave my current job for the dairy cows.  As my job at the time was a manager of a farm this was interesting.

I then opened my own debt advising business on the side, and the one day I got an email from a man in a different part of South Africa to say that he needed help.  His wife was killing him with debt and could I please look into his accounts for him.   I advised him that would be fine but that I would require a photo of him and his wife so that I could do a psychometry reading on her and him to determine why they are continuously going round in circles.  He sent the picture and at first glance it was an instant "I know you" moment.  I phoned him and asked if he believed in past lives and that people have met before they have actually met.  He agreed and we started discussing deep spiritual points of what was important in our lives.  I advised him on the finances and set down boundaries and structures with his creditors but we emailed each other weekly.  Then Christmas came and he said he had to go to the farm for Christmas.  Now in South Africa Christmas is a very hot season and most people go to the Kruger National Park or the beaches so I didn't think anything of it.  But then he went silent.  January came and January went.  In the beginning of February I really wondered if I had mistook the feelings that our conversations had brought about so I emailed him and asked him what was wrong.  At this stage I was separated from my husband and in the process of getting a divorce.  Again it was radio silence and I wondered ....

Four days later my office phone rang as I was walking out the door.  I rushed back in and there it was the lovely voice on the line.... Hi Christel is that you? Breathless I replied - Is this Dirk?  OMG where are you and are you ok and what the heck? Dirk replied - Is it ok if I call you when I get home, I am working in Houston and am at Houston airport waiting for my plane.

Of course you can phone me back.

He called two days later and we have never not spoken on the phone since.

When he called I asked him what was going for what as I felt a connection but I didn't want to force myself on him if he was not in the same spot.  He said that he and his wife lived separate lives for the prior 6 years when she had moved out of his bedroom and told him he was not good enough for her.  I told him I could help with that but he said no he didn't love her, hadn't loved her for many years since she had numerous affairs with his work colleagues and that he also felt a connection.  So I asked him what happened over Christmas and going to the farm.  He told me that he lived on a farm... To which I replied - A Dairy farm by any chance.

 I know he is my soul mate but in looking and being so specific with my description I had never put there that he was supposed to be single.  His wife was diagnosed with Bipolar/schizophrenia and went ballistic and moved to the UK.  I have always offered her my friendship and after a time of understanding that I would not be manipulated we have become friends.  Our boys are all grown men who get along with me and their mother and they are now after 9 years comfortable going out with both of us together.  At no stage do I allow my husband and his ex-wife to be together mainly because the divorce for him was an absolute nightmare of horrible accusations been thrown at him. 

I suppose what I am trying to say in a roundabout way is that even Soul mates as friends/lovers have issues.  And like all relationships it is about how we deal with this issues that determine whether they stay or go in our lives.  The first four years was not easy and we had to learn from each other.  I had to learn that he was not an abuser and he had to learn that I would allow him the freedom to grow and become the man and father that he wanted to be. 

So yes Soul mates do exist.  We call them when we do certain rituals in our lives and no matter how long a time they find a way of coming around and entering your life.

Christel Bosch

Married to her Soul mate


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