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Soulmates - Can there be more than one?

Actually we have many soul mates.
A soul mate is a person who has an extra special connection with you. You each have travelled together before in many life times that's why you get that special déjà vu feeling when you first meet. Like you know this person and recognize them...even though you have never met before. Well, not in this lifetime anyway.

Soul mates are comfortable with each other and can be honest and open with each other. There is an extra special bond and feeling of Love that goes beyond human love to Spiritual Dimensions. The heart feels very open and happy when in the company of a soul mate. This does not mean there has not been hard lessons or soul contracts to progress through in this lifetime but the rewards are totally out of this world. A greater Love, spiritual progress, joy and much happiness and spiritual growth. A soul mate could be a parent or a son or daughter...a soul mate could be your boyfriend, husband or life partner. Or someone who is only with you for a short time.

Your soul recognizes their soul and it is soul recognition on first sight.
Two soul mates may come together to write a song together that makes the world a better place. Two soul mates could meet and marry and raise a special child together who will make the world a better place. Two soul mates could start a business together that is humanitarian and brings a lot of Love to many people.

Soul mates have some karmic lessons to work through together but many spiritual gifts come as a result of this learning. Do you get it? We actually can have many soul mates. Yes we travel together in groups through many lifetimes. Soul family.
Twin souls are   a very unique kind of soul mates. They have no karma to work out. They are associated with the violet flame and creating more Love around them. It is a pure love with much joy. One is always male and one always female.8 percent of twin flames are reincarnating at the same time on the earth now...some twenty years ago and more it was only 5 percent.

More twin flames are needed to incarnate at the same time to help bring more Spiritual Love to humanity and the earth.
Often there is an age difference or some other reason that twin flames cannot marry but they will always be brought together and meet quite early as they have work to do together. It will always be to bring more Love to the planet and to other people.
For 92 percent of population their twin flame is in Spirit and can be contacted via meditation and Spiritual Work.
As we progress spiritually and evolve we will meet our soul family and feel the happiness and special feelings of Love and Spiritual Joy that comes with having met our soul family.


Have you met your soul mate yet.What about your twin flame? Is your twin flame here or on the other side? For more information on soul mates and twin flames and for soul readings call

Crystal Rose


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