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Soulmates -The Connection


A soul mate has many names, true love, twin flame, ‘the one’ but my idea of a soul mate goes much deeper. Your soul mate is what I see as a soul connection. A person who comes into your life with the sole purpose of making you the best possible version of yourself and vice versa. 

This said- I’m not saying either of your roles is to fix each other, this is often just a by-product.  I would also like to do away with the classic assumption that there is just one person out there for you. Don’t stop reading just yet- this common held belief that you will meet ‘the one’ is all wonderful and fairytale but the laws of probability and my spiritual guides show otherwise. 

I met a wonderful man a few years ago, truly filled my soul, made me smile brighter than I had ever smiled before and boy did he teach me a lesson or two! He taught me how to trust, how to love deeply and truly, how to be my true authentic self and trust my instincts always. Then this amazing gift of a man passed away- very suddenly, very tragically. By suicide. Not trying to bring the tone down but the truth of this man was he was a reflection of myself- as soul connections often are. 

They reflect the good bits as well as the bad showing us the things we desire and our biggest fears too. Without meeting him my life would have no worth as it did at the time- and I would not be on my true path today- his passing the catalyst for reading and doing what I do now- listening and helping people. 

Still grieving and now feeling only half full my soul put out the cry once more for a ‘mate’ and the universe didn't disappoint. Delivering me the connection of my husband when I really wasn't looking! He saw through my flaws and insecurities, filling my soul once more with happiness and helping me be the best version of myself. 

You see soul connections will not limit you in your beliefs; they will support you in your desires, make you feel whole and above all make you question ‘Wow! Where were you hiding?’ 

The universe works in mysterious ways- so now onto some very common questions-

 What if I think my ex was my soulmate?- Will they come back?

There's a very high chance your ex was put on your path to help you discover something about yourself- did you feel ‘filled up’ by their presence? Did they make you feel like together you could conquer the world? Did you connect not in a physical sense but in a soul sense?

The answer to the above is often no- but that’s not to say they weren’t a soul connection taught you all they could or the other way round and so the universe needed to find you someone new. It’s heartbreaking but also sometimes uplifting!

Can a friend be a soulmate?

Of course! Do you connect on such a deep level? Have you met someone you swear you’ve met before!? Do you just ‘click’? They’re all classic signs of a soul connection!
If you’d like to talk more about this with me or explore in a reading if someone you have met is your soulmate please don’t hesitate to call me on PIN: 500122


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