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Subconscious - Affirmations

I think everybody knows that the mind is a powerful healer and creator. Thoughts create. We certainly only use one tenth of the brain.

How do you use your inner mind?

Using affirmations of faith can counteract negative sabotage thoughts ,seeking to betray us at an inner subconscious level.I always recommend using one daily like 'All things I seek are now seeking me."Repeat it when negative thoughts or limiting thoughts come up. Also repeat it over and over as you go to sleep at night. The inner reflects the outer. You can ask your guardian Angel to work with your subconscious mind whilst you are sleeping and to reprogramme with new affirmations like 'I create wealth and abundance wherever I go "and 'I attract love and happiness to me wherever I go.'

No harm can come from trying; even if you don’t believe. Very soon new doors open and the new thought is creating at an outer level but do not stop and particularly use it when negative comes up. This will go deeper into seven layers of mind to subconscious mind level. You can also write the affirmation of faith down on a white card and stick it on your mirror or somewhere where you will see it and use it every day.

The power of visualization is good.

Quieten the mind and with your inner vision observe yourself watching a TV screen and observe yourself watching the screen showing your life going the way it is now, day by day. After a few minutes observe yourself take the remote control and change the channel. This time you are observing your life going the way you would like it to go. Observe the screen for a few minutes’. A whole new way; a whole new dream, this new direction wipes the slate clean.'

Remember to feed your mind with a diet of positive food every day. Read inspirational books and books that improve the mind. A few pages daily are good. Books about Angels and positive thinking. This will improve your outlook and keep your mind well.
Remember anything the mind can conceive it can achieve.

So dream big folks and create a prosperity wheel where you stick colourful pictures from magazines in each sector of the wheel or circle. Brightly coloured pictures of money can go in the money section. New home, places you would like to go can go in the travel section and assets section. In the centre place a picture of an Angel or Christ or whatever has Spiritual Significance to you.
You can divide the circle into eight sections by drawing a line through the middle and then two diagonal lines to create spokes in the wheel.

Label each section from money and assets, home and family, love and marriage, hobbies, travel, spiritual.
Place a brightly coloured picture that represents your goal or dream in each section. Bright colours speak to the subconscious mind. The back ground paper may be bright orange for prosperity or green for balance blue for peace etc.
Then place the poster where you will see it and just look at it  for a few minutes when you first wake in the morning and when you go to sleep at night as this is when you are closest to subconscious mind. Your inner self soon goes out to manifest and bring these things to you.

Happy dreaming folks.
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