Guest Speaker

Soul Mate Or Not?


The big question, what is a soul mate? I hear this lot in my readings. 

We meet a many soul mates during our life; some come in to our life when we need to break some bad habits. Have you ever noticed yourself following a path of self destruction?  Always meeting the wrong people, or being treated badly. Then a soul mate comes in and you feel hooked to this person. This person sweeps you off your feet. Being apart from this person hurts not just mentally but psychically too. The person becomes your whole world and you feel something you don’t understand but it’s like you have known them before.

This is a soul mate you’re meant to be forever friends with. He or she brings change in your life. Look at how you live, ask yourself the question, am I following a path of repeating the same pattern or meeting the wrong people?  Do I need to change the way I put myself out there. Am I always to needy?  This soul mate is consuming your life for a reason. We don’t always end up with our soul mates. Change is the hardest thing to except that we need to do. This soul mate has come in and stopped your life in its tracks. It’s time for change. It’s time for you to come into the light and look at your life. It’s a very spiritual thing to have a soul mate. True soul mates we love unconditionally. We can learn a lot from this person. If we take the time now and lessons we need to learn on board and see our true selves for what we are. This journey does not need to be painful. It is enlightenment. Getting ready for your life partner to come in who will be your soul mate that you may marry. The universe always works for us and never against, even if at times the change may hurt us. 

Sample reading. 

A woman rings up, she is dating on line. She has met many men and has been burning the candle at both ends. Her friends are losing respect for her. Yet she still dances through the night with different men she has met. Then out of the blue she meets a soul mate. He consumes her life but is not available to be with. He offers her friendship. 

Now she has a choice she can take the friendship and learn from him and take a good look at her life. Why has it stopped all of a sudden? Or she can take the friendship in hope one day they will come together. Thinking they will come together is the wrong move and she learns nothing and feels the pain of this long journey. She becomes needy and he distances himself from her. Her need then becomes destructive. 

How can you tell if your soul mate is meant to be with you? Or if it’s time for change?  Only a reading will tell you this because this is written in a general way. 



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