Guest Speaker

Sing A Rainbow

Sing a (Chakra) Rainbow I would be the first to admit that I’m no great authority on Chakras but a little knowledge is not always a dangerous thing. In this case, a little knowledge can be really really helpful. One of my favourite tarot decks, which I use regularly, is John Holland’s ‘Psychic Tarot of the Heart’. This is a very colourful and vibrant deck which includes seven chakra cards instead of the usual ‘royal family’ cards. These seven chakras, spinning wheels of energy in the body, relate to specific areas of our life, and when a chakra card comes up in a reading we need to consider that aspect of ourselves in particular. Say, for example, we have the Throat Chakra in the ‘near future’ position of a tarot spread. That would mean that communication is going to be of particular importance at that time. That’s very simplified but I hope it gives you an idea of how these cards work in a reading. Although there are many chakras, the simple seven (as I call them) starts with the base chakra at the base of your spine (red) leading all the way up to the crown chakra at the top of your head (violet). Imagine them now if you will. Red Chakra (base of your spine): stability, security, material needs. Orange Sacral Chakra (under your belly button): emotions, creativity and relationships. Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra (your midriff): Personal power, happiness, clear positive thinking! Green Heart Chakra (heart): Love, trust, hope, forgiveness and all those lovely things. Blue Throat Chakra (throat): Communication. Indigo Third Eye Chakra (middle of forehead): Connections with higher self, psychic abilities and intuition. Violet Chakra (top of head): the door to the divine and enlightenment, angels etc. Now it is time for your own special mini chakra journey. Follow me please into a very special place …. Please sit quietly. Feel a reassuring brick red warmth in your feet. Feel this warmth slip down into the nurturing earth whilst also moving slowly up towards your hips, changing through a glorious juicy enriching orange as it moves all the way up to a vibrant bright sunny yellow, which gives you a lovely hug around your middle! Feel your own personal power now. This is your ‘I can do it’ Chakra. The yellow Sun with all it’s vibrate positive energy is there for the taking. Enjoy! Then that mellow yellow moves slowly towards your heart, changing to a sensational grass green. Luxuriate in that peaceful colour and feel the ‘love’. Now slip slowly, as if diving into a pool of the most serene and beautiful pale blue. Linger in your lagoon for a moment. What needs to be said now? Communcation issues dart around in the water tickling your feet! Now you must now climb from your thoughtful thinking pool up onto the bank and step forward into the bright woodland full of deep indigo coloured flowers. Sit and meditate here a while until you are ready to walk towards that intriguing and inviting ‘light’ ahead. Smile now as an angel with violet wings suddenly and gloriously descends to take you to heaven wrapped in beautiful safe all-encompassing wings. You are loved, you are love. But you are not going to stay in heaven now. You are needed back home. You are gently placed on a fluffy white cloud which gently descends back to earth. You step back onto the firm ground with a renewed confidence, self-belief and faith in your future. ‘I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, you can sing one too’. Namaste, Verity x

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