Guest Speaker

Blow Out Negativity

There is no one that exists that is not personally affected by another's actions, thoughts and feelings that they may exert negatively. However, it is the awareness of your own thoughts and feelings that determine whether you are allowing yourself to be affected. Understandably, being naturally sensitive, you will always be more vigilant regarding what is happening in your surroundings. What adds to the nature of the extent of your vigilance depends upon how you are coping with your own emotions. Many sensitives have developed emotions and negative thoughts which have them feeling like the 'Black Sheep' or 'The Outcast'. Many feel like they are on a constant washing machine cycle that is set to rinse and spin due to spending time feeling chaotic and releasing tears often to offload. Imagine, for a moment, not ever being overwhelmed and feeling dis-empowered by daily life. Feeling compassion without feeling disgruntled by the one soul that prefers to be miserable. How many of you are repeating the behavioural patterns of your families? Maybe those now passed on have impacted you on a cellular level so now remarks like ' you remind me so much of so and so' happen often. Being conditioned to believe is an inbred mechanism that has been occurring for millions of years. Our brain is outdated and our cells are behind development on an evolutionary scale due to the limitations man believes there to be on each level of existence. What you are not informed of by your doctor when you attend about your regular headaches is that your electrical patterns within your bodies synchronicity are not flowing accordingly. Which is due to negative overload most often. Yet you are given the word 'Migraine' and settle for this in comfort knowing that you have an answer of some sort. BUT then something else physically occurs and now you have migraines and another manifestation of negative dialect within the body. How long will you choose to sit with negativity and allow negativity to pervade your energy? You don't have to. It is not 'in your genes' saying you must also go through what your mother/grandmother had to. You do have a choice to choose negativity or positivity and you can shift anything that you have been experiencing negatively no matter what has happened to you throughout your life! Is really is up to you...what do you want to believe? In light Eve the Empath

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