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Self Empowerment Today

I was standing in the kitchen the other morning as the kids were getting ready for school, wondering what I could write about self empowerment and this is what came through.
Spend some time alone every day - you will find you are never truly alone - most of us do not live in a vaccuum.
Free dance!
Try not to worry about what others think - people will see what they want to.  Remember the saying - yesterday's newspaper is tomorrow's fish and chip paper.
Sleep on it.
Find your internal compass.
Do not be pressured into making a decision before you are ready.  Those who respect and accept you will wait.
Forgive but don't forget - it happened for a reason - so you don't repeat the same lesson (I prefer the word lesson rather than mistake).
There is no such thing as a stupid question.
For every quote there's a counter quote, eg. "You don't ask you don't get; The best things come to those who wait" 
There is a grain of truth in everything.
Know your body - your eat, sleep, work patterns in order to get the best out of yourself. 
Understand the opposite sex.
Do something you love every day.
Do your research.
Know your limitations.
Find a good support network/mentor.
Get connected and stay connected.
Manage your emotions. Emotions are our best teacher as is every person we encounter.  If "they" react emotionally it's their lesson.  If "we" react emotionally it's our lesson.  What buttons get pressed and why?
Understand, respect and accept other people's values and beliefs.  This is not the same as agreeing with them or living by them.
Live and let live.
Know that it will pass, everything is a phase.
Try not to ask another person to do a job you can do yourself if you can because it makes you lazy.  Remember, use it or lose it!
Accept yourself.  If you know you're not going to age gracefully and will fight it all the way - accept it and embrace it.
If you know you're happy to go with where life takes you accept it and embrace it.
Learn something new every day.
Notice your world = go out to the same locality at different times of the day on different days.  You will see the same place in a different light, from a different perspective.
Don't get mad get creative. There is a solution to every problem, give it time.   "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." ~ Albert Einstein
There are as many sides/stories to a situation as there are people involved in that situation.
Embrace death; it is part of life.
Nurture your "four pillars" every day - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.
Somewhere in the world there are people who would give anything to trade lives with you 
Value your health - our health is our wealth - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. What am I thinking, feeling, doing, knowing about this situation.
When you give, question your motives - true giving asks nothing in return.  We are often disappointed when we "give" because we had hidden attachments and expectations to the outcome that are not met.
Receive with grace and gratitude.  Then decide what you do with what you receive.  If the "giver" is disappointed with your action, reaction or response then they have a hidden agenda/expectation.
Don't go food shopping when you're hungry!
When it comes to material things think: do I need it and will I use it?
Work on your recovery time and techniques. "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
 ~ Confucius
We are living in a 24/7 world but our bodies are still adjusting to this - there is still much to be said for the basics, the "eat, sleep, rave, repeat" and "work, rest and play" philosophy is the foundation of the human body.
Have fun - every day.
Comfortably step out of your comfort zone.
Make sure you get enough
"S tress
 L evel
 E limination
 E xercise
 P lan"
Say a prayer for someone else every day - wishing them well.
The person in front of you in the queue whose child is having a meltdown.  
The child having the meltdown
The DJ on the radio who brings you fantastic music but may secretly be battling with depression.
The person who cuts you up in traffic who is under constant pressure of supporting their family and had to make it to work on time otherwise they get fired from their job and then who will provide for their family?
The homeless person.
The construction worker doing back breaking work to help create homes
The city worker who works morning, noon and night to have all the things they never did as a child and felt "lower" than their peers.
The person - young or old who looks and acts so stroppy/rude yet inside they feel suicidal.
The person - young or old  who looks and acts so stroppy/rude yet inside they are slowly being eaten away by cancer and they are just waiting to be free of pain.
It's easy to judge another.  But at the end of the day, we're all one and the same, muddling along through life as best we can.  We all breathe the same air and (for the time being) our body comes from earth and returns to earth.
Make the most of what you have for the amount of time you have it.
You are an amazing being and it's incredible what the human body can manage.  Learn about the human body, take a course on anatomy and physiology. 
You are a living, breathing miracle!
with much love, light and healing,
C xx

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