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Raising Your Tone And Vibrations to Attract What You Need And Want

Many of my clients when they begin their journey with me as a reader and Life Couch, all have the same initial basic needs and questions that need answering. Once we have established and dealt with these two issues, they begin to relax and open up to allow a deeper and more sincere dialog with what is truly happening in their lives.

It is with this said, that I decided to right this series Live out Loud ( LOL) sharing just how you can live your life not only to the fullest, but also living it out loud so that all that you connect with and share your journey with on a daily basis and whom you come to meet,  are very clear about who and what you are. Therefore there cannot be any misinterpretation or misunderstanding in any shape or form.

We are energy beings, we give off vibrations and signals all the time, but in most people’s lives they give off wrong signals and vibrations, or they have learnt to scramble their vibrations to bring confusion and misinterpretation in what they need and want or they think they are sending out a certain vibration or signal in their body language, feeling, speech or emotion, but sadly it is not received correctly due to a number of reasons that we will discuss going forward.

As you find many people that are tone deaf and cannot hold a note, they will be singing away thinking they are in perfect tune with the music and to the listener it is just absolutely awful they shut their ears or run away as fast as possible.

So too is it with our vibration that we give off and many wonder why they are not liked or well received when they meet new people or looking for love and relationships.

I f you would like to know more how to raise your vibration in love, happiness, relationships and finding that passion in the job that you would love to have, Call me, Jon Paul on pin 600275 and I will more than happy to share and work with you on raising what you are attracting that is perfect for your life.

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