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Is Your Child Psychic?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be parenting a psychic child. Read on to discover how to recognize these abilities and support these young sensitive souls.

  1. a) Does your baby smile and giggle to themselves when no one is in the room?

My daughter did this a lot! Her eyes would be full of joy as she tracked circles in the air and giggled a lot, from about 4 months old. I believe my grandparents in Spirit were babysitting in those moments I was not directly by her side:)

  1. b) Is your younger child sensitive to loud noises or get easily over stimulated in busy places?

Sensitive children can easily get over stimulated by busy or noisy venues. If you imagine they are unconsciously taking in A LOT more info and energy than the average person in any moment and reacting to or processing that energy. They think everyone is doing this as they don’t know any different. Paying attention to how tired / irritable they are after a play date or trip to the supermarket can help you gauge their needs for intervals of quiet downtime.

  1. c) Do animals LOVE your child? Come out of the woodwork to spend time with them, to get cuddles?

All animals but especially horses and cats seem to seek out my daughter. If we walk in a neighbourhood all the moggies come and greet her and often follow us a wee way. Going to a pet shop is quite a big deal, as my girl needs to commune with each creature until she is ready to leave. She has a huge heart and telepathic connection with animals. I can see a career with animals for her one day. Psychic children often have a special connection with animals. Animals calm them and can be steadier, uncomplicated friends for them than other children at times.

  1. d) Does your child have ‘imaginary friends’?

My daughter at age 3 met her fist Spirit Guide, she called him ‘Banana Man’ as he always wore flowing yellow silk and had a conical hat and goldish coloured skin. He would stand respectfully in the corner of her room as we did the bedtime routine and watch over her as she slept. His benevolent energy was kind and warm as a golden sun. He helped her through a particular stage of her development and has moved on to assist others now. As a child myself though I had plenty of Spirit Friends, one in particular I was very close to. I even honoured this friend through my own girl’s middle name.

  1. e) Does your child dream vividly? Do the stories in the dreams tend to play out in the news or in your daily life?

My daughter does dream a lot. Often about soul growth and daily life themes but occasionally a precognitive dream or a visitation from a great grandparent will pop in. A few years back now she dreamt of fires, every night to the point where she would be afraid to go to sleep. At the time there were large fires raging in Australia, not near where we live in New Zealand. So we reassured her as best we could that she was safe and all was well. She was insistent the fires were close to home though. A few weeks later there was an out of control fire rather close to home which justified her anxiety. Having solid bedtime routines, lullabies, prayers and positive stories before bed as well as some calming essential oils and even some rescue remedy can go a long way to setting a happy tone before sleep time. If I’m concerned about the veil being thin (full moon in our house) I will request extra angels to watch over us all and help us to have happy dreams. It doesn’t always keep the scary dreams at bay but it does support a quicker recovery and return to peace and harmony.

  1. f) Does your child seem to react to your thoughts as if you had spoken them aloud?

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been making breakfast and thinking about the day ahead and what activities we might do, when a voice pipes up “No! I don’t want to go to the pool today!” or whatever I’m thinking about! Always amazes me how much our children ‘live in our auras’ and pick up on our unspoken thoughts and ideas if they are open. I learned to ‘guard’ my thoughts, but still forget occasionally and yes that voice still pipes up to add her two cents! 

 Another example of this is when my girl was 3, I had purchased, wrapped and hidden her birthday gift ahead of time while she was at day care. The moment we got in the door she marched right up to the hiding place and stated. “I’d like my gift please”… of course I couldn’t deny her gift was there (and she was too young to understand about waiting) so I let her have it early! The joys of parenting psychic kids! (I now ask angels to help keep gifts and gift ideas secret and it works! Much to my daughter’s frustration LOL)

  1. g) Has your child ever ‘seen’ an Angel? Spirit Animals? Loved Ones? Or feel they are being watched?

My 8 year old went through a very open phase where she could see Spirit Animals. She often saw the dog I grew up with hanging about, and a cat I once had who visits me. She went through a whole month getting changed under a sheet because she felt someone was watching her. On gentle investigation we asked the energy to reveal itself and we saw a marvellous little dragon suspended in the corner over her bed. My girl was a bit afraid at first so the dragon changed itself into pink girly colours and sat surrounded by ICE…. When she questioned the ice, the dragon replied, “I’m here to help you with the sickness so you don’t get too hot”. That night she had terrible fevers that later developed into pneumonia. The dragon stayed with her through the entire illness until she was well again and then disappeared.”

  1. h) Does your child have a vivid imagination?

Imagination is an excellent bridge for intuition and psychic experience. It creates a fertile realm of possibility that allows for expanded states of awareness. Psychic children can often see wonderful pictures in their minds of what they are reading about or imagine a mood as a colour or a word as an energy. They do this naturally, and may be very good at telling stories or describing images in colourful detail.

  1. i) Does their artwork reflect the metaphysical?

 Psychic children often portray Angels, Faeries, Rainbows and Unicorns in their art work, sometimes dragons. There art can have a very happy, uplifting quality. Colourful and joyful in expression.

  1. j) Can your child feel ‘vibes’ from crystals, rooms, second hand goods etc?

An example of this was when we were given some lovely hand me downs from a friend who’d outgrown them. My girl would only wear the clothes she sensed had happy memories for the previous owner.

Recognize your child or a child you know? This list is by no means exhaustive, but gives you an idea… sensitive children can sometimes be viewed through a negative lens as their behaviour doesn’t always fit the accepted norm. As a psychic parent to a psychic child, there’s a whole heap of things that can support these beautiful souls. Probably the most important is to love them unconditionally and help them understand their senses in a safe frame of reference. IF you are not psychically sensitive yourself, consider seeking someone out who is and can read for you on the best parenting strategies to meet these ‘paranormal’ challenges in life.

Tips for parenting Psychic Kids:

1)     Always try to be congruent with your thoughts, words and actions. If your mind is grumpy but you are putting on a warm syrupy voice, this is confusing to a sensitive child. They will often react to the ‘unsaid’ over the overt messages you are trying to convey.

2)     Remember to guard your thoughts. Ask the angels and your spirit guides to help shield your thoughts from little ‘psychic surfers’. This helps with the above congruence but also gives you a measure of privacy.

3)     Understand that just because you do not experience something or understand something does not mean it’s not real or true.

4)     Playing ‘guessing’ games and other intuitive games can bring out the fun side of being psychic and you may discover some hidden abilities in yourself! It also celebrates and normalises a sensitivity through play which helps psychic children feel accepted and like they fit in. (Enjoy guessing games without putting any pressure on anyone to be right, just let go and have fun).

5)     The Epsom Salt Bath: There will be times when your child is overwhelmed, over stimulated, just losing the plot generally. At these times a grounding Epsom Salt Bath can be very calming and helpful, especially before bedtime. Simply run a bath and add two handfuls of Epsom salts and a small amount of milk with the essential oil of your choice. I like lavender and rose oils for this.

6)     Teach them good energy hygiene. This could be as simple as how to ground and calm down when feeling upset. Giving themselves a Reiki self-treatment before bed or even some yoga or child oriented guided meditations.  My daughter is Reiki attuned to Level 1 and uses it daily to help calm herself and clear her energy when she’s picked up some that doesn’t belong to her.

7)     Have some supportive homeopathy, bach flower essences and or essential oils on hand. I have several blends made up that we can all reach for when we feel emotional or in need of some etheric support. A bit like a psychic first aid kit in addition to the usual band-aids etc.

There’s so much more I could share on this topic, but I hope you have some ideas to nurture your understanding of your psychic child. If would like some personal guidance, please don’t hesitate to connect with me for a reading.

With love, Jehanne xx

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