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My Spiritual Journey

My Journey of Spiritual Awareness began when I was 7 years old. That was the year when my beloved dog Jasper who had been with me since I was a baby and he a puppy got knocked down.

In life our bond was very strong- He would protect my pram by barking at approaching strangers and we would always play ball together.

Jasper was my first great loss and awareness of death, I missed him so much.

One night a few weeks after he passed, I saw Jasper in the kitchen just standing there by the fridge watching my Mum doing the washing up as he often did in life. He looked so real that I forgot he was gone. There were no sounds in the kitchen anymore and as I reached out to touch his glossy black fur he went spinning around in a circle at super speed and disappeared.

Then the sound came back, I realised he had come back to visit me. I told my mum and drew her a  picture of Jasper spinning around, but I knew she wasn't entirely sure whether to believe me.

Jasper appeared many other times after that, but it was like he had opened a spirit portal and I started to see humans who passed from different decades by the look of their clothing.

They would stand mainly in the doorway and stare at me but it was as if they had a way of preventing me from screaming though I wanted to!

My Mum became worried, why didn't I scream in terror if I was really seeing these ghosts? So she took me to a few psychic conventions. Each time the psychics knew I was able to see spirits before my Mum could even explain why she had brought me there.

I became fascinated by everything about those psychics. I was especially curious about their tarot cards. After a year I stopped seeing spirit and things went back to Normal.

My Mum used to pretend to read playing cards as a party trick, and after she unexpectedly predicted something that came true I began to read about cartomancy in magazines.

By this time I was 12 and I started giving impressive readings about exam results and who fancied who in school. It became a fun hobby!

At the age of 21 I became more serious about the paranormal. After meeting Uri Geller at an event and shaking hands with him I started to get clear visions for a few seconds before something would happen.

I then decided to study the mantic arts and completed courses in Tarot & Cartomancy, Numerology and Runes all which I now hold Diplomas for. I wanted to make sure I was qualified before sharing my gifts fully.

And that is the story of why I do what I do.

Always explore your curiosities in life, the things you become subtlety drawn to, as you never know where it may lead!


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