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Psychic Terms

Psychic Terms

You might have noticed that many psychics use certain terms and phrases that are fairly specific to the spiritual world. It was recently highlighted to me that some people who are new to the psychic world may not understand what they mean. I am hoping this blog article brings some clarity to those that do not know already, as it’s easy to get the wrong end of the stick and that can make a huge difference in a reading!

“Unfinished Business”

We all know this means things from the past that have not been addressed, but it can have a deeper meaning in a psychic context. Most people assume that “Unfinished Business” only refers to this lifetime, but it can also refer to a past lifetime, where there are life lessons to be addressed. If you find that you are repeating the same things with the same person, then this would indicate that there are past life issues, or it could simply be that neither of you are rectifying the issue, so it will keep coming to a head. This is where the karmic laws of history not repeating kick in.

“Step Back”

This one is normally used when we advise someone to step away from a situation, as being in that situation is not helping with the energies. What it actually means is to step back, stop thinking about this person or event if you can. Do not make contact, get them/it out of your head! I appreciate that is not easy, which is why I teach visualisations to help with this as that will create a void within an energy.  As you step back, they should step into that void: Balance is restored and things should improve from there.

“I See”

This is when a reader actually literally seeing in their mind’s eye what is going on/what the potential chances are of things happening.

“I Feel”

This is the one that often people do not realise if the reader is also an empath. Some readers literally feel what is going on: They feel others emotions in situations. Their feelings direct them towards a pathway that makes them feel the outcomes.  You will often tell if somebody is an empath if, like me, they will cry with you! The phrase “I Feel” is also used when an outcome is to be positive/negative/neutral. The feeling of those outcomes is passed to an empath.

“I Hear”

The reader is literally hearing in their head or in their physical ear the voice of spirit.  I will be honest, personally I much prefer to hear spirit in my head than in my physical ear.

“Free Will”

This one is banded about and we all know essentially what it means, but the power of this one cannot be ignored. This means that no matter what a reader predicts or says, no matter how many readers say the same thing, freewill can blow apart in a heartbeat all that has been predicted.  For example, I tell you that you are going to meet someone in a romantic way in the month of August.  You then stay in all August. You have exercised your freewill and changed the course of events and that blows the prediction out of the water. Likewise, you could prod and poke a situation as you think you are helping it, but it won’t help. Your freewill in doing that interfered with the predictions.  If you are given different pathways, it does not mean anything other than the reader is seeing you have to make choices between them. Our lives do not have just one pathway, they constantly evolve and change and this is why freewill is so important and should not be taken lightly.


I touched on it slightly in the above section, but to just add to that, interference does change timings and outcomes and the interference does not have to be from you. It can be from others and this is one of the reasons I always advise not to share your reading with someone, as they could inadvertently interfere and blow things apart for you. I have also known this in the flip side where someone told a third party something that came out in the reading and the third party acted to changed outcomes.

I hope you have found this informative, but if you ever do not understand what a reader is saying, please ask them! Nearly all readers would all much rather you ask the questions than get the wrong idea or misunderstand what is being said. So, if you’re ever in doubt, just ask!


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