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Psychic Colour Spectrum

Psychic Clairvoyance or mediumship is the ability to see energy clearly. The energy might look like colour, pictures, symbols, etc.  Colours that have a representation of your emotions also reflect the state of your auric field for example if you are feeling very vibrant or strong the colours in your aura may be very bright reds, oranges and yellows. If there is comfort, healing, communication their maybe greens, blues, turquoise, yellows. Pinks and oranges are generally around love and romantic feelings and purple/ indigo for spirituality and esoteric understanding. 

However is important that you find your own meanings for these colours, as they might have a totally different feeling and meaning to you. Allowing yourself to develop meanings to each colour will help you understand what you are seeing in the area.  In terms of seeing with clairvoyance, feelings with clairsentient or by hearing someone tell you the colours through their clairaudience.

Take a close look at the people around you, family and friends and see if you can see particular colour surrounding them, you might find you have a gift you were not previously aware of!

A skilled clairvoyant can tell if the colour they are seeing in your space is your energy, or something that isn’t you. You may have quite a lot of energy vibrations in your space at one time, and many of them may not, in fact, be you. The vibrations that are you will work easily inside of you, while those that aren’t can create distress, effort, and discomfort in your space. Your space is defined as your body and aura.

Here is a list of colours in order of their vibration in the energy spectrum, from lowest to highest, and what they can represent.

Remember that this is an individual thing as well. Each person’s unique energy will show up as colours true to that person, and the colours may change as the person does. You probably won’t be at the same colours your entire life, but may be partial to one or several. Chances are, if you like a colour and feel it emotionally, it’s also one of yours.

Brown – Earthy, grounded, lower vibration. Brown is often associated with the earth and earth energy. It can be a healing vibration to match to when your body doesn’t feel real.

Red – Fiery, anger, movement, passion. If red is one of your favorite or frequent colours, it may have to do with the level of passion you have for life. Red is also a lower vibration, closer to the earth. Some earthy energies are reddish. Red that isn’t yours can be someone else’s anger or other energy.

Orange – A brilliant fun happy colour. Depending on its tone, it can be earthy, creative, vibrant, joyful, conscious, and healing. Orange that isn’t your energy and is in your space can make you feel crowded and overwhelmed.

Yellow – Sunny, happy, brilliant, effortless. Your own energy at yellow can feel bright and happy. Other higher loud yellows that are in your space can feel sharp and uncomfortable.

Green – Growth, healing, change, movement, peaceful. When you are running a lot of green energy, it looks like you’re in the middle of big changes and growth. Green is also a big healing colour. If you’re carrying green that isn’t yours, you may be being responsible for other people’s growth and changes, which can become very uncomfortable in your space.

Blue – Certainty, clarity, calm, peace. When you’re working with a lot of blue, it can be healing for you too. Having certainty about who you are and what you want to do, can also sometimes be seen as blue, though any colour in the rainbow could be the same. Muddy blue isn’t yours.

Purple – As a vibration, purple is inspirational, spiritual, and also one of the highest vibrations in the spectrum. It can have to do with creativity, consciousness, and high levels of growth. However, if you feel like you’re floating, you may want to move from purple down to brown or another lower vibration, in order to reground yourself to the earth and into your body.

Gold – This is the highest colour vibration you can work with in the body. As a vibration, gold clears resistance, pain, and stuck energies. It is a karma free colour to work with, also protective. Gold is also the energy of forgiveness.

White – A higher vibration, white will take you out of the body. It can show up in your space as unconscious energy. Your own true vibration isn’t ever at white, but you can be at white or work with white, often without knowing you are doing so. Contrary to popular belief, surrounding yourself with white light doesn’t protect you. It takes you out of your body, and that isn’t protective for you or your body. Try colour instead, especially gold.

Silver – Higher than white, silver is also not your true vibration. Silver in your space, as energy, can be uncomfortable for you and make it difficult for your own energy to be in your space. If you find silver in your space, send it to the earth and try colour.

Grey – Is a dull unconscious energy in your space, never your own vibration. It can create a muffled unconsciousness that makes it difficult to see or think clearly, and is harsh for your body.

Black – Black energy is generally pain, punishment, or some other dark uncomfortable energy that is in the way of yours. Black energy can also show up with depression. Sometimes white unconscious energy covers the black. None of this is your own truth, though it is true that you can sometimes handle it in your space. Let it go, and use colours that feel good to you instead

Our next article coming shortly will hopefully explain how you can learn to focus and develop your conscious awareness with colour. In the meantime, if you would like to understand in more depth, please contact one our AskTheAnswer readers.

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