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Amethyst. The purple stone of February.

Amethyst. The purple stone of February.
It never fails to amaze me how many people recognise amethyst as the birthstone for February, try it, ask your friends and apart from their own birthday most will only be able to recall Amethyst being connected to February. So why is this? Why don’t we think of Rose quartz the love stone in this month of love, or passionate red garnets? Perhaps the reason for this goes back in time, to some of the ancient legends that surround this beautiful stone and have become ingrained in folklore.
Legend 1
It is often referred to as the Stone of St Valentine ,as legend has it that St Valentine wore an amethyst ring upon which there was an engraving of a cupid. To this day it is believed to be the stone for faithful lovers, making it a wonderful choice for a valentine’s gift. 
Legend 2
 Ancient Greek Mythology tells the tragic story of young woman called Amethyst. She is described as a beautiful young virgin who unfortunately happened to catch the lustful eye of the god Dionysus. In her hour of need Amethyst called out to the goddess Diana, who assisted with the usual sardonic humour of the ancient gods/goddesses by transforming the poor girl into beautiful clear quartz. Upon seeing what had become of the beautiful maiden, Dionysus was beside himself with guilt and regret and began to weep bitterly into his wine goblet. The cascading tears caused the wine to over flow and cover the beautiful clear crystal in the deep purple stain that we today, recognise as Amethyst.

The name Amethyst is derived from the Greek word amethustos which roughly means sober and it was once believed that it could prevent intoxication.  The crystal might have been given this reputation in reference to the story of Dionysus and Amethyst. As Dionysus was the god of wine and merry making, and there have been many discoveries of goblets curved from this beautiful stone.
This valentine’s day if you are with someone ensure that you make the time for one another and remember that often it is the simple in inexpensive gestures that touch our hearts and remain in the memory. If you are currently single do not make it a day of lamentation, but turn the love inwards. Pamper, and lavish yourself,  hot bubble bath, candles, chocolates, movies, a good novel in fact whatever fills you with happiness, just make sure you are doing what your heart desires. Because as you learn to love yourself you radiate love, and this in turn attracts wonderful energies into your life. Wake up on February 15th refreshed, empowered and acknowledge a whole new beginning in which your adventure in to love, will start a single step full of self-belief!
Love and light to you all


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