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Preparing for a Psychic Reading

Preparing for a Psychic Reading

A Psychic Reading can be an exciting and life-changing event. Having the courage to reach out and listen to your soul is an accomplishment that should be celebrated. A psychic is responsible for preparing their energy and setting aside time to read your energy. Your responsibility is to be relaxed, open, and honest. Working together in this way is the recipe for a successful and accurate reading!

There are several things you can do to prepare for your reading, but all preparation is centred on this single, important fact: The best and most accurate readings are readings conducted with open, relaxed clients.

If you rush into a reading and have a million things on your mind, or you are not in a quiet, interruption-free environment, the accuracy and detail of the reading will suffer greatly. There is so much energy required for an accurate reading and it can take great concentration to tune in to your situation. A good psychic ensures that they are in a calm, relaxed and private place for the reading, so that they can give their full attention to the client and the reading. In return, the client should try and do the same.

When a psychic is consulting with you in a live consultation, there can be more information to be given to you than you ever anticipated. On occasions like this, the psychic will make a suggestion to you for a more in depth reading using Tarot cards for example. When this happens you know the psychic is in tune with your energy and may have more to offer.

How to Prepare

Set aside 5 minutes before your reading to settle into yourself. Take some deep breaths. Clarify why you are getting this reading. Close your eyes and picture your higher self  sending you love, courage, and relaxation for your reading.

All readings require a quiet environment. You must be in an interruption-free environment for the duration of the reading. When you are ready to receive your message you must be in tune with yourself to clearly understand what is put forward. Any distraction can also be cause a loss of energy the psychic is tuned into and they might start picking up other sources around you that may be not be part of you reading. The environment should be one that allows you to feel safe and be emotionally vulnerable.

Come prepared with specific questions. In many cases the client who needs advice will ask questions that need more detail to be fully answered. A psychic can tune in when the right information is given. Examples of questions that may need more information are:

“Will he come back”

“Is he seeing someone else”

 “When will he call”

Rather ask the psychic: “Will he come back to me again even if I had no contact in the last 2 years”

“We have been separated for two months and I feel he may be seeing someone else”

“ We last spoke a month ago and I would like to know if he is still interested”

When you are clear, the psychic can tune into your situation much easier. In some case you may be involved with two different people and energy from the wrong person may be channelled for you if your questions are too vague.

Make sure it is resonating

Once the reading begins allow a few minutes to make sure you are resonating with what the psychic is telling you. If you find that after a few minutes, you do not understand what the psychic is talking about, or it’s just not resonating with you at this moment in time, you can end the reading or request the psychic to explain why the energy is not resonating.

There will be times a psychic won’t be able to connect with you and this may be due to the energy between you two not being in tune, or a difference in spiritual personality. The next psychic available may have no issues tuning in with you at all!

The psychic helping and guiding you often needs to use many resources and energy to connect with you, but they won’t always have the answers. In this case be sincere and understand that your answers may not be available to you at this present moment. Leave the specific reading and clear your thoughts. Take a breather and come back for a reading at a later date. In many cases the passing of time will allow the same psychic to tune in to your situation and find answers they struggled with before.

Make sure you’re doing it for a reason

You should always have something in mind that you’re hoping to get out of the experience. Just be prepared for whatever the experience may bring with it. We all want to hear things that make us feel better and sometimes there is no right or wrong answer. Do not always expect good news and if a psychic gives you an answer that you were not hoping for do not blame the psychic. They are only the messenger.

These messages delivered to you are for a reason and the guides providing these messages to the psychic are often doing so to protect you from negative emotions. If the guides pass on a message that somebody is not right for you anymore, it’s being passed on to help you. Frequent examples are questions about relationships and breakups where one partner still has feelings for another. Through intuition the psychic will pick up the person may have moved on and the time has come to do the same. They are not trying to hurt your feelings, though it can sometimes be hard to hear the truth.

Most people do not react well or accept these types of answers, but miracles happen when you allow yourself to receive the good energy given to you. In a reading you will receive answers which in the end must be interpreted by you and it us up you to follow the advice to get the result predicted. In the end many psychics only serve as a messenger. The Universe may change things in an instant and things may work out differently, but fate comes to pass in it’s own time.

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