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Levels of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever wondered what spiritual level you are at or what this actually means? A spiritual awakening is said to have five levels.  Hopefully this blog will help you identify what level you are on!

Years ago, while  communing with a higher being I was told that some of us are born already spiritually awake, but for others it is a slow process. I was told that for some people the journey that takes one from unconsciousness to the consciousness can take a lifetime, whereas for others a sudden life changing event can propel us onto the journey of spiritual awakening. Everyone’s journey is slightly different, as we are all different people and have different experiences, but it would be a sad world if we were all the same.

So what are the levels of spiritual awakening?

Level 1: You must be at least a level one if you are even reading this! This is the level where the thoughts of ‘there must be something more out there’ being.  Before we have that thought, most of us will be getting on with life; living within the confines of society/culture/religion. We do not question things or think outside the box. We just get on with life and what it throws at us; we live within the rules that are placed on us and do not question them.  We accept what we are told and base our identity on living within those confines. However, those at level one start to not accept what they are told, start not to accept that things are so black and white or start to not accept that there is nothing above except space and stars.  Level one folk start to become open to considering that there is possibly more.  Normally when I encounter level 1 folk in my readings, I hear such phrases as ‘a funny thing happened to me’ or I will say something to them and they respond ‘funny you say that but …’ and go on to validate what I told them.  But they are not quite fully open to what is there yet, they simply think it is an ‘odd’ thing.

Level 2: Going through level 2 can be an emotional process. It is not straightforward, as those at Level 2 will start to question everything about their lives and everything about their belief system, those black and white rules that they have lived by.  The thought of ‘there must be something more out there’ turns into ‘what is out there?’ Level 2 folk start to question everything and this can create past issues to resurface. This is where moving from unconsciousness to consciousness happens.  This impacts everyday life, as the old ways of thinking no longer serves us. We no longer blindly accept; we question and search for things that are more meaningful and we search for the meaning and purpose of life.  A very deep thought process goes on while we are still holding onto the old way of thinking. It is this that eventually gives way, as we accept the outside world that we previously held so dear to is no longer bringing us any form of satisfaction. This is the start of the journey of a lifetime. There is no going back from this, as you will have opened up an awakening without even realising how much deeper life will become. As you let go of the material world and all the confines of it and as the issues come to the surface, you start to heal, but it has to become apparent in order to release and heal it. You will find yourself no longer doing things that you did before. Your life will change as you slowly heal and see the bigger picture coming in.


Level 3: This is where the fun begins, but it can also be difficult.  Level 1 got us thinking. Level 2 got us questioning. Level 3 brings in the healing process, the internal searching and a new level of thinking. At this level you should experience massive spiritual growth, which in turn manifests itself as personal growth.  Please don’t misunderstand me, it is not all plain sailing. As you release things and heal there will be times of extreme joy at the growth and the peace of mind that brings in, but also moments of grief as you realise that in order to grow you have to move on and that includes moving on from those that are not on the same journey as you. If you are seen as a bit odd and a bit weird then you are probably just progressing through Level 3!  You will be met with resistance from the conventional world and you will struggle not receiving the acceptance that you previously had. But remember, it was that convention that did not resonate with you; that made you look outside the box you were placed in and made you look at your own spiritual awakening. You are at a stage in your journey where you are bucking the system, but now you are doing it for your own growth and if you manage to take others on that journey with you, brilliant.  If not, there is nothing you can do but keep on your own pathway. 

Your wish to be awake and your need for freedom will be stronger than your desire to be accepted and conform to the normal life from before your awakening. This can be a lonely time, but you WILL come across others that are on the same journey and you WILL make new friends! As you approach Level 4, you will experience the total loss of ego. This sounds scary, but it will be such a relief! Losing one’s ego is about losing that which holds you back; self-respect is important but an ego is about the control that we strive to release as we began this journey. I found Level 3 the most challenging and it took the longest, as healing from the past and letting it all go takes time and can be very emotional, but it is necessary to move to the next level. 

Level 4: This Level is wonderful. This is where peace comes in. You have let go of the false you, the one where you just blindly accepted and did not question. You have brought to the surface those things that held you back. You have healed and released those feelings and let go of the old you and your ego.  You are now at the level where you know who you are. Going through the three previous levels hurt and caused upset, but now you benefit from all those challenges. 

You will hear people say ‘what will be will be’. This is Level 4, where you do not doubt, you just know all will happen when it is meant to happen and worry is replaced with knowing the right thing will happen.  You are no longer in that mental prison. It is in this level that you are who you are. You are not trying to be anyone else, nor are you blaming life or others for your mistakes; you totally own yourself.  You no longer seek acceptance. You no longer try to prove yourself to the world. You are still essentially you, but without ego or restriction. Fear is replaced with love and balance.  You are connected to your higher self. 

This does not mean you go around in a kaftan, waving incense as you go. It means that you know who you are and you have inner peace.  You will surround yourself with like minded people and you will wish to share your development knowledge with others to help them, but you will be at ease within yourself so you will not have the need for others around you.  Who you have around you becomes a free-will choice you make. Your intuition will be enhanced as you become open to the Universe and the connection to it becomes strong. At this stage many think that this is it … but there is one more Level. 

Level 5: This is the mind blowing one. This Level is all about you understanding that the purpose of life is something you can consciously choose! You will no longer do things because you have to; you will do things because you are inspired to.  You will be guided to do these things. You will feel a connection to all life. You will realise that we are all connected. We are connected to each other and to Mother Earth. You will have the ability to communicate with vision and also to pull people together to benefit humanity.  I am sure you can all name a handful of people who have managed to do this! Level 5 is where you actually live unconstrained by false self, ego or all those things that held you back. It is peace, it is love, it is joy and it is visionary. 


Now the Nb’s …

  • Once you start the awakening you cannot stop it. But why would you wish to?
  • There are no time frames for each Level as we are all unique, but the clue to speeding things up is to ‘let go’ of things that hold you back.
  • Please accept where you are in life, as you will only ever be where you need to be at the exact moment you are needed to be there. Just go with the flow of acceptance and awakening, as once fully awake you will never regret it.
  • Even those awakening will not always ‘get’ the others. A Level 1 can still see a Level 5 as odd or weird, we just have to accept that and not judge. 

I hope this article helps you go with the flow on your journey and don’t worry about what level you are at!  You will get where you need to be when the time is right for you.


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