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Planets Of Love: How Compatible Are You?

Planets Of Love: How Compatible Are You With Your Partner?

The most popular Valentine’s day questions for astrology & tarot consultants are usually based around the client wanting to find out if a specific person is likely to be their soulmate.

There are undoubtedly certain influences within the tarot which indicate the likelihood of a soulmate/twin flame connection, however astrological synastry can (in my opinion) give you a far greater insight into the workings of your relationship.

It can clarify why 2 people have become so magnetically drawn to each other & identify whether a connection is destined to be ‘just good friends' or lead to romance and marriage. 

By exploring planetary positions in relation to the north/south nodes and 8th house, it can also give you an indication of whether you have known each other in previous lifetimes. Funnily enough, I almost always see past life influences highlighted on the charts of couples who have always had this inexplicable sense of familiarity from first meeting.

Astrological compatibility is good at pinpointing why a couple behave how they do when they’re together.

It’s also really useful for highlighting influences that cause a couple to argue or become withdrawn at certain phases of time, which can come in handy if you’re planning a big event or holiday together and wonder how you're likely to be getting on.

Synastry is a term which describes the detailed analysis of the relationship of 2 individuals by studying their astrological birth charts in relation to each other to identify key strengths and weakness that are present between them.

If you know the exact birth times for both you and your partner a very precise chart can be drawn up, but if not, there are still many alignments that won’t change too dramatically within a 24hour period, so a lot of fantastic insights can still easily be revealed.

These days people often like to find out compatibility for non romantic pairings such as prospective business partners, work colleagues, best friends or housemates, but the most popular synastry will always be romantic.

The main planets that astrologers look for in a romantic reading are placing of Venus and Mars on a chart. The former signifies passion, intimacy  & action, whilst the latter shows how the emotional connection manifests.

Having said this, I have found from years of doing this analysis that Moon sign is equally important. Moon sign represents a certain type of mood that you share and more often than not your partner will share your moon sign, or your sun sign will be their moon sign or visa versa!

In astrology the 7th house of a chart is the house of romantic relationships and marriage, meaning that if Mars, Venus or the Moon is there, it is a big indicator of why you have become so attracted to each other.

In addition to this we also look at the positions of the other planets in relation to each other. This highlights positive aspects, negative aspects and what will be generally challenging but eventually overcome.

This is a good way of letting a couple know how this relationship is likely to work once life becomes a little more mundane. 

Because I’ve looked at so many charts I can confidently say that if your chart shows only a few positive aspects and mainly challenging or negative ones, you are more likely than not going to be in for a) a hard time b) a very inconsistent relationship.

Because every event can be seen as the metaphorical ‘birth’ of something new, from the start of a new business, to a new book, or band it can also be useful to make a note of the date (and time if possible) of when you very first met your significant other, even if that first meeting was online. This can also give you some amazing clues on what to expect in your relationship in the months and years ahead.

The most popular relationship questions I get asked after those about soulmates are ‘Why did I ever meet them?’ or ‘Why didn’t it work?’

A compatibility consultation is quite possibly the nearest you can get to answering that and truly understanding your relationship.

If you are considering an email reading about your current relationship or prospective person of interest don’t forget to include their date of birth (if you know it) as well as your own for further insights on useful phases to watch out for in your connection.

Love and Light,

Shantia – PIN 600226

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