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Our Spirits Music

Our Spirits' Music

I once read that every soul has its own musical sound. No two are alike. Even twin souls have their own unique sounds, different than their mate, but complementing each other perfectly.

This is what I imagine these sounds are like on the Other Side, in Heaven. The sound for every soul that has ever been created by Mother/Father God can always be heard. It is vibrant, rich and soothing; celebrating life, love and joy. An orchestra filled with countless individual souls that make up the family of spirits that we are all a part of.

Imagine walking through one of the breathtaking gardens in Heaven. As you gently brush by and through the flowers that effortlessly grow and bloom as far as the eye can see, you hear a gentle singing, a chorus filled with unsurpassed beauty. Every tree and bush, full of magnificent fruit and blossoms, are part of the heavenly choir. In the distance, yet all around you, the angels are singing their glorious hymns of praise and adoration. All of these sounds, the voices a multitude individual notes, come together. Every spirit's sound in perfect harmony with every other spirit.

Music is a part of every society, new and old. I believe this is a gift we carry with us from one lifetime to the next. A gift from our Creator. Maybe this is Their way of saying, "I am always with you. I love you no matter what. One day, when it is time, you will be Home with Us again."

Thank you for reading,

Trish - 600124

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