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The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge

I cannot read about “The Rainbow Bridge” without tearing up.  For those of you that do not know what it is; it’s the place that our furry friends, our pets, go to when they pass. 

A loss of a pet is huge.  I am in a household where I have furry friends jumping on me and attached to me 24/7.  Even if I’m in the bathroom having a shower, there will be a furry friend or two waiting for me. There is no personal space, they are always around and I, (and indeed, we, all those in the household) love them all dearly.

This is why when we lose them it is devastating.  Having had such a large number of furry friends, there are the larger number of losses, but each one has passed over the Rainbow Bridge knowing they are loved and that they are always loved.  They are family members.  We share our lives with them and they give us total unconditional love. 

We share a house with a ghost cat. It has been seen by many. The people who lived here before us witnessed it and it’s been seen by us regularly. So, I know that our furry family members also have souls that can ascend. This cat that shares our home is happy to be here and since we have lived here, it now roams throughout the home whereas before it was limited to one room.  Now it roams freely and is happy to stay with us.

It is written that The Rainbow Bridge is a bridge that connects Heaven and Earth.  It is named The Rainbow Bridge due to the colours.

On the Earth side of The Rainbow Bridge, our beloved furry friends wait for us. The land is lush and green. There are hills and valleys, waterfalls and lakes. 

The frail animals will become young again; those that are injured will be whole again; they wait for the person that loved them on earth.

They play, they rest, they have fun, waiting for that special person, then one day, their noses twitch, their ears prick up and they know that their special human is coming for them. We are then reunited with our furry family members.

You then cross Rainbow Bridge together, never to be parted again … and yes, I am tearing up as I write this.  It always gets me!

So, when you lose a very much loved pet, keep remembering that love is eternal, you will see them again, when you join them at The Rainbow Bridge.


Shelly x

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