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How To Make Your Dreams Come True

How to manifest your dreams (properly) and have your wishes granted


Manifesting is a pretty loaded word nowadays. It's also very misunderstood and has taken a few beatings. The first thought that the word 'manifest' provokes is probably 'The Secret', or making a wish on a star and it being granted in front of your eyes. This isn't quite how it works. But let me tell you, if you manifest correctly, it will work for you.

Firstly, you need to know exactly what you want. Manifesting is not for the faint hearted. Believe me when I say that manifesting takes work. It takes time, will power and it takes a whole lot of self-belief. Manifesting means being aware of the way you think, the way you speak and the energy you are projecting and thereby attracting. It's about aligning your thoughts, beliefs, speech and actions. Once you are aware of the way you act, think and speak, you can start to ask for what you want and get a satisfying return.

Do you know what you want? If you're not too sure, then it's time to pause, introspect and figure out what it is you are seeking right now. If it's something huge, or too huge for you to process, then break it down into little pieces. Start with piece one of the puzzle. Once you have it figured out, it's time to work towards how you get it. Stick with me, it will all make sense in the end, I promise you!

Manifesting material goals


Firstly, you need to believe you already have the success you desire. Not a fake belief but a real, whole hearted sense of self belief and knowing that you have already achieved your goal. Feel what it's like to have what you want. Walk like you've already got it, think like you've already got it and talk like you've already got it. Keep it up, because energy attracts like energy. If you are thinking and acting like you have what you want and really believing it, then clever little opportunities will begin to make their way to you from the wonderful and lucrative universe. However, thinking and acting like you don't or can't possibly have what you want will surround you with exactly that same energy, therefore what will the lucrative universe send you? More of what you don't want. It's that simple.

Manifesting material gains and/or money won't make you a top CEO or millionaire overnight, but if you do your manifesting work properly then the universe will present you with solutions to your particular problems and ways to start making more success in the form of jobs, contacts, collaborations, ideas or promotions. Sometimes the universe simply puts you in places you need to be at the right time to start conversations with people who can do a lot for you, and vice versa.


On another tip, open your banking app or bank statement. Whatever you see on your account balance, add three extra zeros at the end. Believe it. See it. Feel it. In time, new opportunities will start to come in. If you look at your bank balance and aren't happy with what you see, your energy will match that feeling, and in turn the universe will bring you the same disappointed energy back. You need to keep in control of every thought and feeling if you want to manifest good things.

If you are trying to manifest something like a new car, for example, a new car won't just appear for you. What will appear will be opportunities that will eventually allow you to get the car. Manifesting works a bit like a set of building blocks, getting you closer and closer to what you want, as long as you keep up the self-belief and positive energy.

In sporting terms, the universe will provide you with the ball. You just have to score the goal and win the game. That bit is up to you.


Manifesting confidence & attraction

The way you think about yourself can be hard to re-train to begin with, but it's easy to do once you get on a roll. If you feel unattractive or perhaps don't like your body or don't like who you are, think about yourself in a new way; a positive way. Write down all of your good points, or ask your family and/or friends to write you a list of your good points. Look at the list and learn to be grateful for each attribute. Then think about the parts of you that you don't like. Turn them into positives. For example, 'I'm not a confident person,' flip to 'I am a confident person.' Trick your brain into believing the statement. This is what affirmations do, and affirmations help to re-wire the brain's belief systems. Write your affirmation down. Then, for example 'I hate my big nose,' flip to 'I love my nose because it's unique to me.' Write the affirmation down. Say your affirmations loudly and proudly as many times as day as you can, but make sure say them at least once on a daily basis. You get the idea.

Attractive and confident behaviour starts with you finding yourself attractive, secure and confident, inside and out.


Talk to and about yourself the way you would talk to your friend. You wouldn't say cruel things about your friend's appearance or mind set, would you? You would empower them and make them feel good and point out their best attributes. Areas they struggle with would be where you come in to help them out with kindness. Always, always, always speak to yourself like you're speaking to your friend. By doing this, the energy that you will emit will bring you everything you need from the universe.

Remind yourself every day that you are beautiful. You are one of kind. You are unique and you can be anything you want, despite cruel words that others may have said in the past, or cruel words that you say to yourself. Let the harsh words make you stronger. Remember that the world needs you. Let the cruelness of the world give you more empathy and understanding for yourself and others. Spoil yourself, give yourself pamper days and fill your thoughts with kindness and your body with good food and plenty of water. In loving yourself, mind and body, all the healthy things will follow and flow. Respect your mind and respect your body and think about how amazing your body is, whether you have parts that work or parts that don't. Love and respect yourself and you know what will surely follow? Freshly manifested confidence, attractiveness and self-assurance.

Manifesting small print


We all know the saying 'be careful what you wish for'. If you're asking for something but your energy is negative, heavy and dark, you will for sure receive the negative side of your wish. Watch your energy before you ask for anything. Also, don't forget the three fold rule that anything bad you ask for (if your intentions are bad) will come back to you 3 times. Keep all manifesting for the good of yourself and the good of all. Any bad intent will come crashing down hard. The best time to ask the universe for what you want is at the New Moon of each month, as this is when the moon gives us time to think and dream up our desires and plans. Write down what you want on paper, then standing under the night sky, read it out loud, or whisper it to yourself. Burn the paper or throw it away afterwards, as your wish is now granted.

Keep focusing on that wish every single day and keep believing it. It will come.

Manifested wishes don't tend to come in the form you think they will, but trust me if you've put the work in, they will come. Always say thank you to the universe for everything you are grateful for and all the wishes you have been granted.


Thanks for reading,

Chiara - 500039

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