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Nothing Is Perfect - Mercury Retrograde

Mercury /Hermes/The Messenger of the gods is stationing and getting ready to go retrograde. You can probably feel it now, but it goes retrograde from the 3rd of Dec. (same day as the last full moon of the year), until the 23rd of Dec. then the integration period is through the 11th of January.

When Mercury is retrograde it is time to SLOW Down and be still as much as possible...listening to you your guides, inquiring deeply into your unconscious or whatever ways that you pray or meditate or listen to the guidance of the subtle wisdom's that are most powerful!

With this Mercury retrograde it will be right there with Saturn in Sag. Aligned very closely with the galactic center.

I would say this brings some seriousness to the whole archetype of truth and meaning, as well as time and responsibility!

So spend some time asking your inner self about these questions in regard to your own life!

When we don't Honor Mercury as Hermes, he turns into the trickster! this is when things seem to go haywire...maybe the computer gets jammed up, or the traffic is super bad, or there is a breakdown in communication with a loved one...or there is depression, or is because the natural timings know what is best...time to go inward a little and reverse back inward, re-calibrate...listen to the soft voice of your heart...or the voice of the wind and how it feels in your spirit as you listen to the natural world!

Our cultural ethos is not in harmony with natural law or timings...that is one reason astrology is needed now as it is all about the natural cycles!

So between now, as it slows down and, as it is retrograde from the 3rd of Dec. until the 21st of Dec. And then the integration period is from then until the 11th of January. This is the time to bring what you got from listening and slowing down, to action or to physicality in some way...into your life.

This is a very important time for all of us now! So please spend an honorable amount of time with this for your own well being and for getting clear about how to show up and shine in 2018 and for living in good, balanced natural ways as we pave the way for a sustainable future on this most beautiful of planets that gives us everything our Mother Gaia!

If you want to know more about the details of how to work with certain archetypes that are being activated for you...please let me know!! I would love to do a reading for you. Please give me a call and if possible with your time and city of birth as well as date!

I am on various times during the day, so please check. My number is: 600006

Thanks and many blessings!

mecury retrogade



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