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by Charnjit Bains
31st December 2015

Numerology is the philosophy of numbers; a belief that numbers are important to, and have meaning in, our lives. Numbers are used to bring order into our lives; and order, in turn, brings a sense of security. Examples are time, money and measurement to name but a few.

Many of us have “lucky” numbers, or see a particular sequence of numbers repeatedly, eg. 11:11 on the clock, and then later £11:11 on a receipt or bill. These may be linked to our spiritual evolvement, providing important messages and even angelic presence (please refer to the book Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue and Lynette Brown for further information).
I see a date of birth and birth name as our spiritual DNA, a code full of information waiting to be unlocked and deciphered. Numerology is one of the keys to unlocking this code. It provides a blueprint of your life – from your life’s purpose and personality characteristics, to karmic lessons and challenges that you need to work through in this lifetime.
It is a great tool for self discovery and acceptance. We live in a world where we “fit in” and please others in order to create a peaceful and harmonious environment. In doing so, it is all too easy to lose our own sense of identity along the way. Numerology can help us get that balance back into our lives.

As with all divinatory tools, numerology only offers guidance and support. Ultimately, you are responsible for your actions and reactions; also the consequences arising from them.
The 12 numbers used in numerology can be regarded as the building blocks from which all numbers in your chart are derived.  For more in depth information please refer to Numerology – Hans Decoz – ISBN: 039952732X. 
These 12 numbers are the single digits 0 – 9 and two master numbers 11 and 22.
I have assigned a brief description and affirmation for each number:
0  - wholeness, completion and beginning, wheel of life, cycles and patterns.
Affirmation: I am whole. I understand the cycles of life. I still have much to learn. I start my new journey with faith and optimism.
1  - the self, identity, initiation, innovation, leadership, pioneer, assertive, action, vitality, visionary
Affirmation: The time to act is now. I plant the seeds of my dreams, asking that the outcome be for the highest good of all concerned.
2  - harmony, beauty, peace, co-operation, mediator, balance, sensitivity, affinity, counsellor, healer.
Affirmation: I co-operate with others, so creating balance, peace and harmony. I am sensitive to the needs of others
3 - inspiring, expressive, radiant, creative, uplifting, witty, charming, happy-go-lucky, sunshine, trinity.
Affirmation: I radiate joy and happiness. I am inspired and inspiring. I am sunshine energy. I express myself freely
4 - grounded, methodical, attentive, reliable, solid foundation, stability.
Affirmation: I pay attention to detail. I am grounded. I feel safe and secure – right now
5  - change, travel, adventure, excitement, sensual, adaptability, freedom, articulate
Affirmation: I embrace each experience, seeing it as an opportunity for my soul to grow, evolve and learn. There are no mistakes in life – only lessons
6 - loving, nurturing, counsellor, healer, responsibility, balanced, maternal, protective, availability
Affirmation: I am nurturing, loving and supportive. I know when to help and when to stand back. I am responsible
7 - truth, introspection, mystic, wisdom, in-depth study, validity
Affirmation: I seek truth. I am still, silent – allowing awareness to come to me. I go within to gain clarity, for all answers are held there
8 - karma, abundance, wealth, fortune, infinity, quantity, visionary
Affirmation: I give thanks for all material gains. I share my good fortune. I strive to work for the benefit of mankind
9 -  selfless, humanitarian, teacher, carer, aloof, broadminded, charity, forgiveness
Affirmation: I give my services freely without any expectation of reward. I am selfless. I am the carer. I am the teacher. I am the humanitarian
11 - heightened sensitivity intuitive, teacher, psychic, clear channel, healer
Affirmation: I am a clear channel. I am intuitive. I am psychic. I am empathic. I have insight. I surround myself with peace and harmony to stay grounded
22  - master builder, manifestation, security, turning dreams into reality, healer
Affirmation: I am master of my affairs. I turn dreams into reality. I manifest effortlessly. Abundance surrounds me.
I have been working with numerology since 2005.  I started with my own chart to gain a better understanding of myself and my life; my flaws, strengths and challenges. It gave me a sense of acceptance. From that point on numerology seemed to follow me and it is now one of the primary tools I use when giving readings.
During phone readings I work with the date of birth so tend to look at  the following numbers for you:
LIFE PATH NUMBER - I see your life path number as an equivalent to your sun sign in astrology. When people say “I’m a Taurus, or I’m a Gemini” about their sun sign, they may refer to themselves as a 6 or 9 in numerology with these numbers being their life path number. It’s the main number that runs throughout your life and carries the most weight, although looking at all the numbers in your chart will give you a fuller picture, just as looking at all signs, houses and planets in astrology can bring further clarity than just the sun sign.
BIRTHDAY NUMBER - Your day of birth or birthday number shows the kind of environment you like to be in and work in.
PINNACLE NUMBERS - We have four pinnacles during our lifetime. They can be seen as peaks, major turning points or significant milestones in our lives. Again, on a soul level, these can be seen as destined cycles of our lives. The energy of the pinnacle number can then be used to its fullest potential for that period of your life if you so wish. Our first pinnacle change is the approximate age of 36 minus our life path number. After that, our subsequent pinnacle numbers change in a personal 9 or 1 year – the end or beginning of a nine year cycle.
CHALLENGE NUMBERS - As the heading suggests, your challenge numbers are the challenges you may face during this lifetime. I feel, that on a soul level, we choose our lessons and challenges before we come to the earth plane; once we arrive (are born) we forget them, so we can re-discover and work through them.
There is one main challenge number that runs throughout the course of our current lives. We also have three other challenge numbers, which span through our early years, our middle years and our final years, respectively.
As we come to recognise these challenges, we can perceive them in a positive light and use them to develop and evolve at a soul level.
PERIOD CYCLE NUMBERS - Like the challenge numbers, we have three period cycle numbers, spanning through each third of our lives. I see these as a way of balancing or offsetting our pinnacle numbers and challenges.
PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER - Your personal year number shows where you are in your personal nine year cycle. It can help you plan ahead as well as understand the cycles of life. You can use your personal year number in conjunction with the universal year number to your advantage, using the “energy” of the numbers to help you move forward in your chosen area.
I hope this has shed a little light on numerology and how I work.
Wishing you well in all you do with much love and light,
C xx

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